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Fulcrum is one of the leading brand activation and promotions companies in india, leading the way in brand activations, promotions, experiential events and field marketing. Our services are offered all over the country, including major cities such as Mumbai, Pune.
We have worked across 80 local and international brands, spanning a multitude of industries, throughout South india and in countries across india. Each year Fulcrum performs in the region of 600 activations and promotions, and has a database of more than 6 000 brand ambassadors in over 35 locations.

Fulcrum has developed a unique four-tier brand ambassador rating platform, with specific requirements per level – covering communication and selling skills, personal presentation, and financial and computer literacy. This rating platform helps create an ideal match between brand ambassador and brand, and within the specifications of your marketing strategy and budget.

The Fulcrum Academy is a corporate social investment initiative aimed at finding and developing talent and creating jobs. It assists young brand ambassadors in acquiring and improving a range of skills, including communication and selling skills, personal presentation and grooming, financial literacy and basic technology skills. The Academy also covers career planning so that skills are developed in line with a career pathway.

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About Us

We inspire the people who power your business.

No matter who you are and what you sell, the success of your business relies on your ability to engage with two critically important groups – the people who buy from you and the people who work for you. At Fulcrum, we create truly personalised incentive programmes that have the power to energize your business. Each Fulcrum initiative is designed around the specific interests and aspirations of your customers and your people. We engage and inspire the people that matter – the people who power your business.

Our Values
Client- centricity and the provision of quality service are key values. Providing a developmental and supportive marketing environment for our staff and recognising the importance of our suppliers are integral to our business ethic. Openness, honesty, transparency and a commitment to our community underpin everything we do.

Our Team
The heart and soul of what has made us so successful is our staff. It is their passion, commitment to quality and positive, can-do attitude that delivers outstanding performance to our clients and reinforces our reputation for service excellence.
From selection & recruitment through to training & development, we continually invest in our staff to ensure we have the right people, with the right skills to make sure that the job gets done right, first time.

Fulcrum has always aimed to be quality leaders in our industry. An impressive array of accreditations, for Quality, Environment, Security and Staff development are simply the kite-marks that demonstrate our core values in this respect.

Fulcrum Agencies
Over the years we have worked with agencies of all sizes and styles. We understand the hectic world of marketing and advertising and we have developed services specifically designed to adapt to short lead-times, changing needs, last minute requests and the occasional ‘sprint finish’.

With a long-history of providing services to retailers, whether major chains or small specialist outlets, it was a very easy step for us to adapt that to the on-line world. These days we can handle high-volume fulfilment for direct-to consumer on-line web-orders as we can easily provide retail replenishment and store refurbishment.

Event Branding

From logo design to menu printing, we start with an identity that will engage your audience and we turn it into an icon that is synonymous with success. Branding your incentive makes it personal, memorable and creatively unique.

Communications & Engagement
This is the team with all the style; the unrivalled creative experts ready to give your event its own identity, to create noise and excitement around your campaign and ensure every person with a chance of winning your prize or incentive is driven to play hard for it every step of the way.

Let us show you what we can do
You needn’t take our word for it. Take a look at what a Fulcrum event branding Agency campaign might look like, how we have added colour to companies just like yours and why our clients return to us year after year.

Boost the performance of your brand, company or campaign by influencing staff and consumer behaviour through life-defining brand experiences.

How we can add value
As a leading incentive travel and prize promotions agency, we help you achieve your business objectives through the creation and delivery of remarkable travel experiences. Our inspirational campaigns will motivate, educate and unite your audience. We are experts in what we do, trusted by some of the top brands. We’ve even picked up a few awards along the way.


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brand promotion agencies nizamabad

Dedicated Marketing Team

For manufacturers that require their own fieldmarketing team to represent their brand/s, our dedicated structures provide the benefits of outsourcing and the advantages of total focus.

Our syndicated team provides a commercially viable solution many of India’s best loved brands.

And with our large footprint across Mumbai and Maharashtra, we’re able to maximise our brands’ availability in a substantial number of outlets, ensuring that you showcase a consistent brand presence across hundreds of locations.

Our customised solutions deliver highly customised, strategic field marketing solutions that suit each client’s unique set of business circumstances.

With a depth and breadth of expertise and experience across a range of channels, categories and related services, ourr Customised Field Marketing team offers tailor made field marketing applications.”


Field Marketing

Optimise shelf health. Increase Sales. Grow Market Share.
Our route-to-market teams are tasked with the efficient implementation of point of purchase strategy, partnering with our clients to sell more and increase market share. From aggressively increasing sales, to building, activating and energising brands, we’re there to make certain that our clients stand out from the crowds; that their products are in stock, on shelf, all the time.

Our route-to-market solutions include:

Dedicated, synergised and customised sales & merchandising services across all channels and categories
Trade marketing
Promotional implementation and off-shelf displays
Planogram implementation & resets
Product recall and returns
Management of out of stocks
Retails systems enabling field intelligence
Order placement and queries
Category-specific fieldmarketing solutions
Channel-specific fieldmarketing solutions
Channel advisory services
Strategic fieldmarketing consulting
Training, development and knowledge transfer
To match our clients’ unique needs, we have three route-to-market options:”


Door To Door Marketing

Face to Face Marketing and Door to Door Marketing 

Nothing beats the reality that one gets when you can interact with potential clients face to face physically moving from door to door within a community or household to household, face to face field marketing is also called personal selling or door to door marketing, customers are met directly in order to sell their products, using this method of field marketing we rely on our skills and persuasive abilities. During the period where we get to interact with the client face to face we get more chance to pass across edible information which would be useful to all our customers at that time and it’s also an opportunity for us to get feedback and to gauge your opinion about our business.

Door to Door marketing and Face to Face marketing is a more effective traditional form of marketing, it’s one of the oldest forms of marketing and we use promotion as a means to drive sales to your company or business. There’s nothing more exhilarating than getting to interact with potential customers through face to face marketing and over the years customers are aware and very receptive to this marketing approach through supermarkets and public business places.

The benefit of this type of field marketing is that it can be done on a low budget, it is very cost effective and reaches a larger number of people per within a very short duration, in this short period of time where you have just a few minutes to convince the customers to take interest in your business, just a few minutes to build personal relations through five stages. By attention, interest, desire, conviction and action.  And what else do you benefit by using face to face marketing service?

It gives you the chance to build a certain level of confidence and trust with the customers, you get to break down communication barrier of communication and it gives you the opportunity to show clarity and answer any questions on the mind of the customers.

While many think that door to door marketing is getting neglected in this very era it still yields more results especially during startups of businesses, think about it. Other forms of marketing get lower results, emails get spammed, adverts go unnoticed and phone calls go unanswered so why not just take your business directly to them. It’s only through personal interaction that you get the chance to connect with the customer, you would be selling more than a product.


 You would be selling your zeal, emotions and passion

We offer a wide range of marketing services to business of different functions in India, startup businesses are not left out and we cut across all methods of marketing services, with Door to Door marketing service we assist you our clients with reaching your target customers, our services which extends to all parts of India and we target customers who are ready to change their local services to yours. We can assure you that our face to face methods would be conducted with high regards to personal safety and very good competence.

Door-to-door marketing is a canvassing technique that is generally used for sales, marketing, advertising, or campaigning, in which the person or persons walk from the door of one house to the door of another, trying to sell or advertise a product or service to the general public or gather information. People who use this sales approach are often called traveling salesmen, or the archaic name drummer, to “drum up” business. This technique is also sometimes called direct sales. A variant of this involves cold calling first, when another sales representative attempts to gain agreement that a salesperson should visit.

With the realization of telephone “Do Not Call” lists it is becoming increasingly more difficult to connect with consumers and business people. An emerging trend is the deployment of very professional, highly skilled door-to-door canvassers to drive product sales and brand awareness.

Coordinating, training and motivating these teams to produce results are at the very core of Fulcrum’s proven capabilities. Fulcrum has the knowledge and experience required to implement these programs, such as best days and times to canvass, who will sell the most product; male, female, young or mature and what geographics and demographics respond best to door-to-door marketing. Put Fulcrum’s experience to work for you and avoid the costly mistakes of trying to manage these programs in-house.

Hire and Train Door-to-Door Marketing Team

If you’re in charge of hiring people, that typically means that you’ve found success in Door To Door Marketing yourself. You know what it takes to be great, but now you’re stuck with an entirely new problem. How do you find others who will be just as good (if not better) and will stick around and grow into important influencers invested in the long term growth of the company? A great D2D sales company is a great recruiting company. So what does that greatness look like?

First off, you need to realize that you’re not going to hire a superstar every time. If you think you have found one, be careful. It’s not hard for someone to seem golden during one interview and you don’t want to be fooled.

Even if you think the candidate does have a lot of great experience working in the field for other companies, you have to realize that success doesn’t always translate. What worked for them at previous companies probably won’t work as well for you. In fact, their success will probably make them stubborn; after all, what reason do they have to follow your approach when they’ve figured out their own?

It’s also possible that the rep’s previous company might have had much better-developed training and selling systems than you do, and that system was the key reason they killed it. If you’re not developing a competitive system, what does that communicate about your company? The more dialed-in you are about a rep’s success, the more likely you are to attract and keep strong performers.

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nizamabad,Kiosk Promotion,Kiosk selling,Rural engagement promotional,,campus promotional events,RWA promotional events,Market promotional events



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