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Save time and money sourcing and hiring local, skilled, and insured workers with Fulcrum Get Workers staffing

Gig – Flex – Project and Freelance Workers and Employers seeking scalable, quick to deploy and highly job relevant skilled resources with an innovative, integrated and singular platform offering flexible options to quicker to market and more cost effective business outcomes with Employers.

Gig Workers are quickly deployed, have up to date job skills and are scalable and adaptable to changing environments.

Let us be part of your long term strategy for finding Gigs or creating business deliverables with the partnering of Gig Workers.

In today’s fast changing markets and economy, producing business outputs and outcomes to stay relevant and profitable is not always easy.

Get paired with a specialized, full-time, or freelance recruiter so that, right from the start, you get exactly what you need in a new hire, or a new job. Our recruiters are experts at matching creatives, marketers and technology mavens with businesses in need of top talent.

We Connect Gig Workers With Employers!

Gig Workers

Hire on-demand labor fast.
Quickly fill shifts, scale your workforce, or place extra hands on deck with Get Workers.

We’re Making Work More Accessible
We create job opportunities that truly work for everyone. We’re helping people access work that typically face barriers to traditional employment through accessible opportunities and non-biased matching practices.

We hire the best
So you can simplify your search. Each Fulcrum employee is highly qualified, fully-vetted and compliant so you don’t have to worry about filling your staffing gaps. Simplify your staffing with Fulcrum so you can focus on bringing your business to the next level.


Full-time workers require full-time shifts. Using Fulcrum pool of temp workers ensures that you only pay for the resources you need at the time you need them.

We are on a mission to help job seekers access opportunities and business find and retain talent in an ever-changing employment landscape.


You are welcome to offer any of our temporary workers a full-time position without placement or temp-to-perm fees. It’s our way to ensure you see us as partners helping you and your business.
We have a passion to allow our staff to build their schedules, preventing burnout and leading to more effective work.

We believe there’s a better way to achieve success. A better way for our professionals to balance their work and life. A better way for our business partners to engage and fill staffing gaps to ensure their business runs smoothly.


We Take Care Of

Payroll Processing
Performance Management

We connect workers with businesses—big and small. Whether you’re finding new ways to earn, or filling your staffing needs, it’s just a few clicks away.

Our Values
We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships, and treat people with respect, dignity, and professionalism
Provide our staff and clients with innovative technology and superior quality, value, and support
Value and develop our staff’s diverse talents and independence
Hold our clients, staff, and ourselves accountable for our words, actions, and results



Selling & Administrative Expenses

Businesses of all different sizes report their operating profits and expenses on an income statement. It’s one of the main report cards defining the business and the effectiveness of its management’s performance over the accounting period. Income statements are broken down into different sections. Selling and administrative expenses is a large portion of a company’s balance sheet, and may represent a large portion of the company’s total operating budget


Selling and Administrative Expenses, also called Selling, General and Administrative Expenses, are the net operating expenses of the business that are not part of the cost of goods sold. Examples of selling and administrative expenses include advertising and the salaries of people not directly related to manufacturing a product, as well as recurring expenses as insurance and rent.


Due to the potentially large impact that selling and administrative expenses have on a company’s financial statement, managers and owners must watch each expense carefully, making sure that each expenditure is necessary to continued business profit. Selling and administrative expenses can be cut when managers need to make an impact on their financial statements quickly. Deferring or haphazard cutting of these expenses, though, can cause problems over the long term, as advertising and sales people’s commissions may be among the expenses cut, which could cause sales to drop and net profits to erode.

Calculating from an Income Statement

On most income statements, the cost of goods sold is calculated close to the top part of the income statement, and is generally subtracted from the total sales as part of the gross profit calculation. The other expenses listed directly below the gross profit are often selling and administrative expenses, with the exception of depreciation. You can calculate the selling and administrative expenses by subtracting the net profit or loss from the total gross sales and depreciation of the business.

Fixed and Variable Expenses

Selling and administrative expenses are also called operating expenses. Some expenses will increase or decrease depending on the amount of sales that a company makes. These are called variable expenses. Other expenses do not change depending on sales volume, such as business rent or insurance. These are called fixed expenses. Some selling and administrative expenses are variable, such as sales commissions, but most selling and administrative expenses are relatively fixed, and do not fluctuate simply because sales amounts rise and fall.