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We’re a small team with BIG ideas, and are passionate about what we do.

We focus on what matters: results – but more importantly we listen.

We’ll bring fresh ideas that will work for you, on time, and on budget.

Fulcrum Marketing Services in Pune are the catalyst to bringing your advertising vision to life. While many ideas start in a boardroom, you need experienced marketers on the ground who are able to conceptualize, plan and execute a well thought-out marketing campaign in the field.


As mentioned already, demo days are a popular tool of field marketing. These campaigns can stretch from as little as one week to 6 months however some are continuous and full time. For consumer goods this would mean having brand representatives in retail stores and around shopping centers, events or road shows. Finally The Brand Ambassadors are engaging with the consumer and showing them how the product or service works. This is important as it allows a potential buyer to get hands on experience and a feel of ownership of the product; most importantly the rep is also on hand to answers any questions the customer may have. Although a sell is great the main aim of a demo campaign is brand awareness.

Food and beverage take a slightly differently approach. By handing out free samples and one off deals of their product around retail and events, consumers are getting a taste of the brands latest delicious treats and at the same time everyone loves free food! Sampling is a fun activation and is effective when bringing new products to the high street.

Much like product demonstrations these campaigns have brand reps or ambassadors at the center of them. The difference is it’s more about the selling of the product. Sales rep might have targets to adhere to. Finally these campaigns are super effective during peak times when the difference in a sale or not can be having a knowledgeable brand rep in store.

Auditing takes the reps out off the front line and away from the consumer. Auditing teams are used by marketers to monitor traditional marketing strategies that they put in place across retail. Most of all audits ensure that the brand is represented as it should be on shelves and around retail hot spots. Examples are; checking POS is as it should be across the territories, promotions advertised and running and paid spaces such as gondolas are set up. The data collected from the teams can be useful for the marketers to negotiate better future deals. In addition it also allows for mistakes to be rectified there and then by the reps. Splatter offer a live system that can be monitored by the client in real team meaning that red flags in the field can be dealt with instantaneously

When it comes to guerrilla marketing the gloves are off. They are usually low budget campaigns but with the right imagination and ideas they offer up some unprecedented results. Furthermore the term ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ itself is used to refer to campaigns that surprise consumers in locations and ways they might not usually expect. For that reason the experience remains with the consumer.

Fulcrum are a highly recommended provider of product sampling staff. We specialise in the implementation of sampling campaigns using our in house sampling team and logistical know-how. We can sample your product throughout a range of Maharashtra wide locations including shopping centres, supermarkets, city centres, train stations and everywhere in between. Sampling is a great way to get your product in to the hands of new and existing customers, letting them experience your brand, place it in the front of their minds and create new loyal consumers.


Some of the field marketing services we offer include the following:

Door To Door Marketing : Nothing beats the reality that one gets when you can interact with potential clients face to face physically moving from door to door within a community or household to household, face to face field marketing is also called personal selling or door to door marketing, customers are met directly in order to sell their products, using this method of field marketing we rely on our skills and persuasive abilities. During the period where we get to interact with the client face to face we get more chance to pass across edible information which would be useful to all our customers at that time and it’s also an opportunity for us to get feedback and to gauge your opinion about our business.

Merchandising support: Make the most of your merchandising space to stimulate consumer interest and drive sales.

Mystery shopping: Mystery shopping is a great measure of just how well your brand is doing on the ground. Fulcrum activities in the field, coupled with our instant reporting tools, provide market insights you can act on now.

Market research: With real-time reporting and feedback from the field, Fulcrum provides real market insights you can act on now to create real results.

Store audits: Fulcrum can provide the extra resources, support and technology you need to conduct a successful store audit.

Staff training: Make sure your field or store staff have the knowledge and know-how they need so that your marketing efforts take real effect. Talk to Fulcrum today about staff training.

Incentive launches: Fulcrum has the tools to put the excitement back into incentive with a perfectly placed incentive launch.

Lead generation: Fulcrum will assist with lead generation activities which generate consumer interest in order to build lists and get sales leads.

Why partner with our field marketing agency?

Sell more product.
Build a bigger brand.
Gain more market share.
Create unforgettable consumer experiences.
Real time information.
Actionable market insights.
Measurable responses and return on investment.
Unique brand ambassador rating platform.
Proprietary technologies and reporting systems.

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