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Acceptable Ads

Acceptable ads are a certain type of advertisement online that meets specific criteria. If ads are deemed acceptable, then they are allowed by many of the ad blocking programs out there. Since more and more people are using these programs today, it is important that advertisers find a way to co-exist with them. We’ll discuss exactly what the criteria are for acceptable ads in this article.

Criterion One: Correct Placement

The first criterion is placement. An ad needs to be placed in a position where the reader’s normal flow will not be interrupted if they are reading the primary content. The primary content is the main body of content that you’ll find on a website, based upon the HTML description.

Criterion Two: Identification

The second criterion is identification. Ads need to be easily identifiable as exactly what they are – an advertisement. In Google search results, you will notice a small tag on each sidebar PPC ad identifying it as such. Acceptable ads on a website need to have the same kind of distinction.

Criterion Three: Acceptable Sizes

Finally, there are only certain sizes that are classified as acceptable. For example, if an ad is placed on top of the primary content, it can be no higher than 200 pixels. If the ad is on the sidebar then the maximum width can only be 350 pixels. Finally, the maximum height for ads that are placed below primary content is 400 pixels. For an ad to be acceptable, it must meet these size requirements.

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