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Outsourced Sales

We are a results based sales agency, made of a team of outstanding sales, marketing, and business development talent.

Sales outsourcing solutions to help you find more customers.

Our sales outsourcing teams have proven expertise helping clients with an innovative take on lead generation
and winning customer acquisition process – to find, acquire, and engage customers across all channels.

Whether you are focused on B2B sales or B2C sales, our sales outsourcing teams utilize the most advanced marketing, sales, and digital technologies to help you gain customers, increase customer lifetime value, and improve customer loyalty. Our sales outsourcing solutions are also ideal for brands of all sizes and growth stages. From startups, to midsize, to enterprise, we provide companies with a people-first approach, deployed in a flexible, agile model, powered by insights and analytics.

B2B Sales outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing is the transfer of responsibility of the business sales process to an outside company to develop a dedicated sales team to represent a product or solution directly to the customer of the organization.  The Sales Outsourcing company will have the responsibility of hiring, training, and managing the sales team as if they were an extension of your organization and presenting themselves as your brand to the customer.

Fulcrum generates leads and closes deals by recruiting, training, and managing sales teams. Whether we complement your current team or outsource your entire sales function, we’re here to help you get the job done.

Fulcrum  has focused on providing dedicated professional outsourced sales services and solutions by recruiting, training, and managing our client’s sales teams. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation services or closing roles.

Leverage the expertise of our experienced, local sales resources to establish your business in territory, and generate direct revenue.

Why Outsource Sales?

  • Speed to Market
  • Sales Role Specialization
  • Lack of Management Experience or Expertise
  • Sales Talent Pool
  • Expertise with CRM and Sales Enablement Technology
  • Sales Strategy & Execution
  • Lack of Ongoing Sales Training
  • No Sales Culture
  • Predictable Pipelines
  • Local Sales experts with a wealth of experience
  • Reduced risk to your business
  • Access to a proven business development model
  • Services available in multiple languages & sales specialists with local knowledge
Marketing Strategy1

B2B Sales Outsourcing is an ideal solution if your business struggles with resourcing, management time, and the necessary internal infrastructure and tools to deliver a consistent model to acquire new business.

We quickly and efficiently deploy your new team, ready to grow an existing market or enter a new territory. With the help of our experienced and local sales resources, see your company win new business and make direct sales.

Our end-to-end sales outreach service helps develop long-term customer relationships, and accelerates sales and business growth.


We take a multi-channel approach to our Lead Generation service to maximise our efforts. Should you need targeted account based marketing, or want to hit the ground running with your territory expansion, our team is readily equipped with the tools and information required.

For a fixed monthly fee, we allocate dedicated specialist resources according to the campaign needs who immerse themselves into your products or services, and generate a solid pipeline of high-quality leads.

This model allows us to scale up, scale down, or adjust resources throughout your campaign to optimise the results.


Our Sales Consultancy services benefit clients who want to evaluate their current strategies, and expand into new territories. Validate your business model with the help of our seasoned experts.

The technology market is constantly evolving, so knowing where your future revenue and growth is coming from is vital. Our outsourcing services are proven to ensure our clients have the right resources at the right time.


⦁ Market opportunity analysis 
⦁ Go to market (GTM) Planning & Strategy
⦁ Sales readiness assessment
⦁ Sales team and Sales leadership training

Our staffing team keeps a roster of talent from both within and outside of our company, and sources based on an individual’s experience and traits that will be catered to your sales process. We will assemble a team and train them to the needs of your company to flesh out their product knowledge.

Once trained, they will function as an extension of your company. The process is designed to be implemented as quickly and thoroughly as possible – we focus on speed and efficiency.

At minimum, our accounts will have two sales staff dedicated to sales, along with one manager overseeing and optimizing their sales process. We provide weekly reports on our process, weighed against previous weeks to show our progression with your account.

B2B sales & marketing agency. Specialising in B2B lead generation, high quality sales appointments and trade marketing.

How can we help you?

Outside Sales

Outside sales refers to face to face sales with your customers. An outside sales team meets directly with the prospect in a face-to-face sales approach. The outside model still must conduct much of the selling virtual. However, the outside sales professional develops and manages the relationship on a personal face to face basis. Knocking doors, conducting face-to-face cold calls, and attending networking events are all requirements for a successful outside sales team.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales, sometimes referred to as virtual sales, is a sales team or person who does all their selling via electronics. Telephone calls, emails, webinars, etc., but they never meet face to face with the prospect/client. Inside sales can be very effective with a specific product or service that needs a large buying audience and a low investment. Inside sales typically conducts the full life cycle of sales, from lead generation to closure.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

Sales outsourcing is the process of delegating a part of your sales process to a third party or agency.

Outsourcing sales could include market research, lead generation or even routine sales tasks like outbound calling or handling inbound calls. You can also outsource most of the sales process to an external agency.

Sales outsourcing is usually considered by businesses that lack adequate resources like manpower or time to expand their sales process. Let’s face it, salespeople would spend less time on sales without proper tools. A typical salesperson spends most of his time updating excel sheets and status, traveling to meetings, filling out timesheets, and more. In fact, sales reps spend only 30% of their time selling.

Sales outsourcing helps salespeople focus more on selling. Outsourcing sales can help increase flexibility and allows sales teams to focus on higher-level tactical tasks or strategies.

Small team: You have a small sales team that is simply unable to handle the volume of leads generated
New markets: You are a growing startup that is looking to scale across new geographies or markets, but lack good sales resources/talent.
Budget constraints: You don’t have the budget to hire top sales talent
Lack of resources: Lack of expertise in your sales team to handle certain sales functions
Manual task overload: Your sales team is caught up with administrative tasks, that leave very less time for selling.

Before you set out to outsource a big chunk of your sales process, evaluate your requirements.

  1. Identify business reason: Can this be done in-house or automated, or does it need to be outsourced?
  2. Define the objective and metrics: What do you aim to achieve by outsourcing or automating this function – Is it to grow your user base, enter a new market, or improve the lifetime value of customers?
  3. List down your scope: List down the markets you want to cover, what you need to outsource exactly and how an outsourcing agency or a tool comes into play.
  4. Inform all teams: Ensure there is internal alignment between your sales and marketing teams before you proceed with selecting a sales outsourcing agency or software – decide KPIs, roles, and responsibilities of your existing sales and marketing teams, and make sure everyone is working towards a common goal
  5. Choose between automated or manual sales outsourcing: Once you have identified the scope of your sales outsourcing program, decide if you want to outsource sales to a manual agency or deploy a sales outsourcing software in your company that automates crucial sales functions, and helps generate leads.
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