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Customer Acquisition

We Help You Find, Acquire, and Engage Customers across all Channels.

Our customer acquisition services, powered by advanced growth, help you find and engage customers across all channels. Learn how our demand acquisition solutions and customer retention strategies can help grow your business.

Our Demand and Acquisition solutions

Our Demand and Acquisition solutions optimize buying journeys for acquiring new customers, leverage technology and analytics to deliver personal experiences, and help optimize your digital marketing strategies to increase the quantity and quality of leads.

B2B and B2C Campaign Management and Optimization

Design engagement strategies with the right marketing campaigns and advanced analytics to measure targeted prospects, build trusted relationships, and achieve sales goals.

Search to Sales

Connect the on-line and off-line journey and optimize lead nurturing by entering the conversation at the relevant time with the right messaging.

New Customer Acquisition

Achieve lower customer acquisition costs through lead generation best practices and analytics.

Our Growth and Expansion solutions

Our Growth and Expansion solutions are an end-to-end service that leverages technology and a team of specially trained sales professionals to provide cost effective ways for brands to drive new revenue and grow their business.

Account Management

Manage customer lifecycle stages through advanced analytics and the identification of key events that drive customer success.

Cross-sell & Upsell

Increase the lifetime value and incremental revenue of customers by tailoring offers to complement and enhance their satisfaction.

Service to Sales

Turn your customer service center into a revenue driver with our training and technology.

Our Retention and Loyalty solutions

Our Retention and Loyalty solutions foster long-lasting relationships and help brands create memorable experiences in the moments that matter to build customer loyalty with every interaction.

Onboarding & Welcome

Deliver targeted communications when a new contact enters your marketing database, whether through online or offline sales conversion.

Win-back Campaigns

Bring your customers back to you through personalized win-back campaigns & outreach

Churn Reduction

Address at-risk customers and improve customer retention through a data-driven, personalized approach.

Account Management

Manage customer lifecycle stages and identify key events that drive customer success.

Loyalty Optimization

Leverage a proactive, data-driven process to help build loyalty and expand your share of wallet.

Approach that Scales to increase Revenue and Reduce cost of sales

Sales process best practices
Score accounts and leads on best fit
Pass leads to sales at the right time
Spend time on the most valuable accounts

Identify business in-market for specific services
Create profile of prospect
Behavioral segmentation and predictive modeling
Test and measure enriched data

Engage in the customer’s channel of choice
Align marketing, inside sales and field sales for a cohesive customer journey that drives a lift in results

In this strategy guide,learn the many business and operational advantages to outsourcing salesactivities and 10 ways outsourcing your sales team can help your companywork smarter, not harder, to increase leads, conversions, and sales

Customer Acquisitionat the Right Time with the Right Offers.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Our end-to-end customer lifecycle solutions leverage technology, analytics, and a team of specially-trained sales associates to help brands drive new revenue and keep customers happy.

Grow customer relationships

Customers have more options than ever before. Establishing a strong relationship from the first interaction is key, but it is equally important to nurture that relationship over time. Foster long-lasting relationships and create high quality experiences in the moments that matter to build customer loyalty with every interaction. Our integrated end-to-end customer retention and loyalty solutions leverage technology and a team of specially-trained sales associates to help brands drive new revenue and keep existing customers happy. We help brands increase customer retention and build relationships that increase advocacy and customer lifetime value.

Customer retention strategies to engage customers

Keep customers engaged with tailored retention program strategies that deepen customer relationships and drive more revenue. It costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to strengthen relationships with current ones. Yet, many organizations spend more money and time seeking out new customers instead of building relationships with current ones. A focus on customer retention pays off long-term.

Increased retention equals increased sales

Keep customers happy and hit key business goals by investing in existing customers relationships. Better understand product or service purchase cycles to develop highly-personalized customer relationships that keep them loyal with our customer experience journey mapping and churn prediction analytics. Reduce customer attrition and build relationships that will increase over a lifetime with our omnichannel retention and loyalty programs.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

Definition of Customer Acquisition:

Customer acquisition refers to bringing in new customers – or convincing people to buy your products. It is a process used to bring consumers down the marketing funnel from brand awareness to purchase decision.

The cost of acquiring a new customer is referred to as customer acquisition cost (or CAC for short). Once the customer acquisition process is complete, it then hands itself to customer retention & re-acquisition. 

Customer acquisition is important because it increases recommendations, brand awareness, sales, and business ventures. When you acquire a new customer, odds are that they will check your business’s other products or services. If they continue to like what they find, they will recommend your business to the people they know, further increasing your number of customers. As you gain more customers, news of your business will spread and increase brand awareness. This, in turn, will drive sales for your business. The more sales you have, the more new products or services you can offer or new regions you can expand to.

Ultimately, customer acquisition is the driving force behind improving your business’s financial well-being.

Winning new customers and animating existing customers to rebuy is vital to any business. But how to acquire customers? We’ll show five types of customer acquisition and explain how they’ll work out.

My primary concern here is the acquisition of new customers, not to the re-acquisition of existing customers. Some of the listed forms of customer acquisition are very common (eg. telesales or mailings), others such as the acquisition by partners are not as well known, especially in smaller companies. Use this list to challenge your sales status quo and try different strategies for winning new customers.

Telesales or telemarketing
Mailing by post, leaflet hand to hand , bulk mail or e-mail
Online marketing, Adwords
offline marketing, Direct Marketing
Acquiring customers through partners

Customer acquisition requires forethought and strategies. In fact, there are many different customer acquisition strategies that are used as part of the customer acquisition process. Some customer acquisition methods are more effective with specific types of clients, but there are a few basic steps that are included in any type of customer acquisition plan.

The first step of any basic customer acquisition plan is to identify quality potential customers. One customer acquisition strategy involves reaching out to potential customers through call centers and mailing lists. These customer acquisition methods allow companies to determine which individuals and businesses express interest in or already use products similar to those of your company. Next, companies qualify the leads a little further using various research methods to determine the viability of the given lead. If the chances seem likely that you will be able to acquire this new customer, his status is upgraded to that of prospect and assigned to a salesperson for further interaction.

Many customer acquisition programs then include establishing a relationship with prospects to identify their needs and determine how the products offered relate to those needs. Salespeople also attempt to identify unstated needs; these are based on data provided by ongoing conversations and interactions with the prospects. Salespeople also can identify additional needs of prospects and offer additional products so the prospects see a greater value from purchasing the products they already are considering.

Using appropriate customer acquisition strategies helps companies to grow, and targeted customer acquisition programs help companies acquire the right customers in a cost effective way. New companies or those with less established products especially need to place a greater focus on customer acquisition. As companies mature, they can shift their focus to customer retention. It’s important to keep in mind that customer acquisition costs often are higher than customer retention costs and therefore require a thorough analysis of the associated benefits. The acquisition benefits also need to be fully quantified in order for companies to accurately gauge the relative value of their customer acquisition process. For established companies to grow most effectively, they should find ways to attract, satisfy, and retain customers.

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