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B2B Marketing Agency in Akola

As individuals B2B Marketing Agency in Akola , we’ve been growing brands for over 10 years.  our team comprises several well-established players in b2b marketing, direct marketing, branding, event, digital marketing, SEO, and business on a global scale. Rest assured, we’ll have no trouble helping your brand swim with the big fish, just like we helped nestle, hul, tata, reliance, mahindra, times,  and many others before you.

Finding  the right marketing partner is a big deal.  We focus on the things that matter, like results and customer service, so you can focus on growing your business.

Think Quick.

Work Smart.

Drive Results.

B2B Marketing Agency in Akola

A dedicated team you can rely on.

We don’t just dive in without thinking. When you team up with us, we become one with your company. We embrace your vision and invest all our expertise and passion to devise strategies that ensure you are set up for success.

Creative souls that hit business goals.

We love what we do. Our team is full of wildly creative people who are passionate about helping our clients establish a unique identity in their market. We take great pride in the success of all our clients, and are motivated to helping more brands catch the eye of their target audience.

Strategy to scale and succeed.

We don’t stop with a sale. With thought leaders at the helm, we go beyond the average online marketing agency to make sure you reach the next level. By understanding your audience and how to leverage your market position, you’ll have a strategy for sustainable growth.

Agile in the digital age.

We’re not afraid of change. Our strong focus on data-driven marketing and tracking key metrics guarantees that you can remain agile and ready to capitalize on rapid changes in the market. With our ear close to the ground, you can tackle digital transformation with confidence.

Market directly to your target with B2B Marketing.

We help businesses devise a B2B marketing program that generates better leads, more customers, and bigger profits.

A multi-channel approach to reach key players at every stage.

When you want to grow your business, you need to forge relationships with people that have the authority and resources to affect change.

We create cohesive, omnichannel campaigns that engage key players to get your brand in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time. By creating a precise internet marketing strategy, you will enable your company to be top of mind when your targets are in need of your product or service.

A smarter way to find opportunities.

What good is data if you don’t use it?

Many companies make the mistake of letting their leads go stale in a database.

Our strong focus on data tracking and KPIs ensures that all your leads are followed up on. We act fast to capitalize on changes in your market, helping make your business more agile and reactive in the age of data-driven marketing.

This responsive, forward-thinking approach helps nurture stronger customer relationships, which in turn, reaps positive results for your business in the long-term.

Building a powerful presence.

B2B Marketing is a two-way conversation.


When you engage with your customers, it not only allows them to connect with your brand on a deeper level, but it provides you with a valuable opportunity to improve the product or service you provide based on their real needs.


We enable companies like yours to better facilitate these conversations, collect the right data, identify growth opportunities, and develop plans to act on these opportunities.

Growing your brand and increasing your bottom line.

Build Visibility.

Earn Trust.

B2B Marketing Agency in Akola


About Akola

Akola (/əˈklɑː/) is located about 580 kilometres (360 mi) east of the state capital, Mumbai, and 250 kilometres (160 mi) west of the second capital, Nagpur. Akola is the administrative headquarters of the Akola district located in the Amravati division, and is governed by the Akola Municipal Corporation.

Akola is located north-central of Maharashtra state, western India, on the banks of the Morna River. Although it is not considered a common tourist destination, Akola is an important city due to its history, culture, politics, and agriculture. It also has a prominent road and rail junction in the Tapti River valley that functions as a commercial trading center.

Akola is an important educational center with several colleges affiliated with the Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. The city is developing into a market center. The primary language spoken by the people of Akola is Marathi; some communities also speak Urdu and Hindi.



Population growth

According to the 2011 Census of India,[10] Akola City had a population of 427,146 and an area of about 128 square kilometres (49 sq mi). After the city’s municipal limits were extended in Aug 2016, it was recorded to have a population of 537,137.

Akola MIDC Industrial Area

The Akola MIDC Industrial Area is the largest and most economical industrial area in the division. It has four prominent industrial zones on the outskirts of the city. Cotton and jowar are the predominant crops grown in the district. Oil and dal mills are also abundant. The economy is mostly agriculture-based. Today, the soybean crop is an important crop as major soybean plants have come up in the area. The total land under Akola MIDC Industrial area is 6.25 km2. There are about 25 factories (3 large factories and 22 small factories) currently in production and another 10 small factories are in the process of being constructed. Maharashtra Government has sanctioned growth centers close to the Akola MIDC area. An application of the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) for setting up an agro-processing Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Akola district has been approved. Maharashtra State Seeds Corporation (Mahabeej) has head office at Akola. There is a growing demand for setting up divisional MIDC office at Akola to cater to Akola, Washim, and Buldhana districts which are away from the current divisional office and also lack good industrial growth.



Akola Airport (also known as Shioni Airport) (IATA: AKD, ICAO: VAAK) is the domestic airport of Akola and is 304 metres (999 ft) above sea level. It was built by British authorities in the 1940s and regularly sent flights to Mumbai. Now it is non-functional and has one runway (4,600×145 ft). The airport’s expansion and use have been delayed as it is unable to get land from the University of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth.[15] It is one of the oldest airports in India, and is 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from the city via National Highway No. 6. The nearest international airport is in Nagpur (230 kilometres (140 mi)). The renovation and operation of Akola Airport are supervised by Airport Authority of India.


National Highway No. 6 passes through Akola.

Akola city is well connected to major cities by road. National Highway No. 6 runs through Akola from Hazira (Surat) to Kolkata, and is a part of Asian Highway 46. National Highway 161 starts in Akola and connects Nanded with Sangareddy (Telangana).

State Highways No. 68 and 69 also pass through the municipal limits. Other highways include State Highway 204, State Highway 200: Akola – Amravati, and State Highway 197.[16] Akola has the vehicle registration code MH-30.

Localities in Akola



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