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Brand activations tips to appeal to moms

Brand activations tips to appeal to moms

Women have a lot of buying and social power. Moms have become a niche group, with many businesses targeting this consumer group due to the enormous potential they can offer businesses.

What many businesses get wrong, however, is truly understanding what mothers want and need. In order to appeal to moms, you need to understand their pain points, their attitudes and their values.

Brand activation is tough in many industries, but appealing to moms requires careful planning and execution. You need to tap into the variety of needs moms have and you need to make sure your campaign is unique. Here are a few things to keep in mind when launching products that are aimed at moms:

  • Always remember women are largely the gate-keepers when it comes to a family’s purchases.
  • If you’re selling toys, safety has to be one of the main features to put a mom’s mind at ease.
  • Food products need to be healthy and packed with nutrition.
  • Try to show how your products will simplify a mom’s life. Things need to be simple and easy. If your product is able to reduce the amount of time that a specific task takes, then you’ve already got your foot in the door.
  • Show moms how their kids will enjoy the products you are offering.
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