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Defining the Millennial Consumer

Defining the Millennial Consumer

More than 80 million consumers today are described as millennial consumers, so it’s time to figure them out, if you haven’t already. Millennial consumers will be responsible for annual expenditures of over $200B by 2017, according to research.

They’re however not the easiest crowd to please. They demand working technology, research every purchase and broadcast their buying consideration online. They want to be heard, to be immersed in the brand experience. But who are they?

Who they are

Millennial consumers are those born after 1981, making up about 27% of the population in the US. They represent the most diverse generation yet, with 20% being of Hispanic descent and 26% being multiracial. They move out of home and marry much later than preceding generations.

Their motivations

Millennials are early adopters who depend heavily on technology; 30% have and use at least four tech gadgets in a day and check their smartphones around 43 times daily.

However, their financial status is mostly transitional, with 18% still living with and dependent on their parents, 25% live with parents but have full-time jobs, 20% have part-time jobs whilst 55% anticipate a dramatic change in their financial positions in the next year.

How they shop

Millennial consumers depend on word of mouth heavily and have the most complicated buying cycle. 68% are unmoved by celebrity endorsements, 66% turn to peers for advice, 59% turn to their significant other, whilst 37% go to their parents for techy buys.

95% made a purchase following recommendations from friends or family, with 83% trusting these recommendations over any brand ad claims. 93% research reviews prior to purchasing with 93% of them trusting anonymous reviews found on e-commerce platforms and 77% trusting brand website product reviews.

How they can be reached

Simply, online. 56% use social networking apps, 90% are on Facebook with 42% using it daily and 25% posting daily updates. You can’t call them, 52% prefer having text conversations.

66% follow some brands on social media, with only 41% stating they enjoy brand interactions. 38% find brands with social presence more trustworthy and 60% follow brands to stay informed on coupons and deals.

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