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Email Marketer

An Email marketer is someone who uses email in order to spread a message, sell a product or generally communicate with fans, follows and potential clients/customers. There are countless benefits to putting email marketing first and foremost in your strategy.

If you are a digital marketer, then you likely already know the benefits of a good mailing list. Likewise, if you run a business that sells products or offers services, then it’s probably fairly obvious how you can use your mailing list to reach more people and convince them to become customers or clients.

However, it’s also possible to create a business entirely from a mailing list and to become an email marketer exclusively. That is to say that you don’t actually need a product or a service and you don’t need to be a blogger. A mailing list can be monetized to the point where it provides a stable income while offering value all on its own.

How to Use a Mailing List

A mailing list has value because it gives you access to an audience. This is the same reason that a television channel has value – it provides advertisers with a way to reach their market. This means that you can use a mailing list to sell a product or service and if you already have a product or service, then this will offer immediate and clear value.

If you don’t have a product or service though, then you can profit from your list by promoting an affiliate product. You can sell products and services for commission and thereby make a profit without having to create anything yourself. Affiliate products will sometimes offer up to 75% commission, so actually this may even make more sense than investing in the creation of your own original product. Many email marketers are affiliate marketers too.

Likewise, this also means that you can help other companies to sell their products and this will make you a popular choice for sponsorship and for ‘solo ads’ (paid email shout-outs). If you can demonstrate that you have a large audience and good engagement with that audience, then you can potentially charge a lot of money for these kinds of promotions.

At the same time though, a mailing list is also interactive. This means that it can be used to communicate with an audience, to run surveys and to discuss a topic. You can use a mailing list to provide additional value as a blogger and to maintain brand engagement and visibility to encourage people to visit your website. If you’ve monetized your website or blog with affiliate links, products, services or ads then your mailing list can be useful in that regard. This also means you can use it for conducting market research, for crowdsourcing ideas or for crowdfunding.

Fulcrum tip: Better yet, these functions of a mailing list go hand-in-hand. That is to say that you can survey your audience regarding what types of products they’d be interested in buying from you and then you can sell that very same audience that precise product.

Finally, you can also build a mailing list simply in order to sell it. Again, this requires a big list that’s highly targeted but if you have that, then this can be a very nice exit strategy for an online business.

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