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Experiential Marketing Agency

Experiential Marketing Agency

BOLD solutions and INNOVATIVE ideas that make your BRAND, matter

Create an amazing experience for your customers. One they aren't soon to forget.

We ensure your brand is experienced at its very best.

Our Experiential Marketing Agency has an innovative team that continuously seeks fresh ways to activate brands and connect them with engaged audiences. Whether it’s a product launch, sampling activity, a live event, or any other experience, we create unique moments that impact, influence, and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

We are memory creators; resourceful creatives that activate emotions and ensure that your brand’s quality and messaging are perceived as you want them to be. We strive every day to make sure your audience experiences you at your very best.

Experiential marketing must thrive on three separate levels: relevance, uniqueness, and empathy. We approach each of these three components and create campaigns designed to get your audience’s attention, show them something surprising, and reach them on a personal level.

We specialize in relevance, uniqueness, and empathy though we’ve simplified it down to a mantra of sorts: simple, surprising, and significant. we bring this mantra and all that it entails to every experiential campaign we run. It’s not enough for us to reach our audience on just one level. We want to reach them on all three to guarantee an experience that sticks with them.

Our innovative experiential marketing team is continuously seeking fresh ways to activate brands and connect them with engaged audiences.

How We Work

Experiential marketing campaigns can be complex. There are many moving parts that need to come together at just the right times for maximum effect. We have experience conceiving, planning, executing, and optimizing the entire experiential marketing experience.

Because it’s more than just the experience itself. A successful campaign requires creative thinkers, writers, designers, developers, strategists, media experts, digital ninjas, and top-flight project managers to keep everything on task, time, and budget. We do it all from the initial germ of the idea through the doors closing and beyond. Our Experiential Marketing Agency team makes sure that every aspect of the experience is tailored for you and your audience.

Our Values and Beliefs


Customers Engagement Campaigns

Customers engage with brands that mean something to them. And they’re attracted to events that offer unique and lasting experiences. Our event specialists build targeted engagement campaigns that connect you to the customers you want. And our integrated communications approach influences brand perception and drives purchasing. Knowing who to invite and what will get them there is our key to making your event, a hit. From identifying key influencers to curated relationships with the press, Fulcrum guarantees onsite and remote coverage of your company’s public activities.


Our marketing team insights help you make moves that boost reach, establish brand credibility and convert customers. We create solutions to help startups develop leads and established enterprises generate new business. 

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

Experiential marketing is when brands use an interactive, participation-based strategy to get customers to engage with their businesses. For experiential marketing campaigns, you can use live and virtual events, product sampling campaigns, trade shows and product pop ups and installations.

Experiential marketing is a marketing technique that attracts and engages targeted buyers through participation. Through experiential marketing campaigns, brands can invite their target audience to have connected experiences with their products and values. This marketing approach works because it delivers an immersive experience for how customers can understand your offerings and how they can use them.

There are many ways businesses can use experiential marketing, such as:

  • Live and virtual events
  • Trade shows
  • Product sampling campaigns
  • Product pop ups and installations

An experiential marketing campaign is what every brand needs to engage its audience and turn them into brand ambassadors. While a lot of planning and resources have to be invested in experiential marketing, it’s certainly worth it!

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