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Experiential Marketing Done Right: Retail Edition

No Noise at Selfridges


An example of a retailer who literally cut out the noise was Selfridges, with the introduction of a calm and quiet shopping experience in 2013.

They proposed themselves as an oasis away from everything that usually defines the retail experience. Looking back now, one could say they embraced the health conscious trend in its infant stage. And by doing so, gave customers an experience they didn’t even fully realize they wanted yet.

Sephora’s ModiFace 3D Beauty Mirror


What’s one of the biggest hinders to purchase? Not being able to trial product before buying. Make up brands have been trying to get round this with testers, but with hygiene a concern, these testers can only go so far.


That’s why Sephora’s use of augmented reality in their customer’s favour was such a brilliant move. Customers get to see just which shades and styles suit them best, and will probably end up buying products they wouldn’t have even considered before. There’s nothing like a little affirmation to push someone towards purchas

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine for Couples


Coca-Cola is one of those brands that know just how important it is to form an emotional connection with their consumers. They go out of their way to leverage quirky and delightful experiential marketing techniques to engage with their customers one on one.

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