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fmcg product marketing companies in pune

In crushed red chilli product  and fmcg product market there are many big and more than that medium players supplying the processed masalas. Its a very competitive market.
There are various ways to cope up with the situation. As direct marketing of home products is challenging and cumbersome it is advisable to tie up with a medium house to start with. In fact what counts most is the quality norms of the product. If the product does not go stale before the expiry date and stringent Huygenic conditions are maintained in processing and packing than it will be acceptable by the consumers.

FMCG distribution model has different challenges depending upon Metro/Urban/Rural geography. fmcg product marketing companies in pune , FMCG distribution is the most robust & last mile distribution model which exist in India. Model is simple any FMCG company will supply goods from its Warehouse to the distributor’s warehouse. crushed red chilli marketing , Distributor will have his own sales man who will go to the market on a predetermined route to take orders from outlets/kirana shops in market. In the evening the sales man will come back with the order quantity for each outlets on that route. generally next day (n+1, n is here the day when orders are taken from the market) the supplies are made by the distributor for orders taken today. At many places its N+2 days also for supply depending upon the systems set/market complexities.When supplies are made in market, the distributor’s vehicle will have two people along with it to handover the goods & collect payments for the previous bill. Generally the payment by retailers is made after one week up to 70% of retailer will work with one week credit. Credit is important in market to get business, other wise the order quantity placed by the retailer might come down. In every supply, distributor will collect the payment of last supply. In case there are any damaged or expiry goods at the retailer then that is also collected back by the distributor in every supply. The amount of expiry, damaged goods collected from market depends on norms of company. 



crushed red chilli product marketing | fmcg product marketing companies in pune


Company/Manufacturer > Hubs > C&F agents > Distributors Urban > Retailers/Wholesalers


Company/Manufacturer > Hubs > C&F agents > Super Stockists > Sub stockists > Retailers/Wholesalers

Many companies follow the urban model in rural as well for enhanced reach but at a higher cost. However, it all depends on what categories you are in and what are the in-built margins for trade and the product itself. Huge complexity exists even within the same categories and how they flow through trade.

1. Prepare some samples and distribute among your neighbours.
2. Tell them about your intention of distributing these samples and ask them to share this with their friends and relatives.
3. If they will find the spices tasty and healthy, they will surely ask for them and you need to take a critical decision of pricing.
4. Keep the society in mind while deciding the price as high class society may afford good spices at higher rates whereas some middle class society will think twice before buying such spices. So initially you may not have good profit but you have to start with that only.
5. Gradually you will be having prior orders and then you need to maintain your quality.
6. Now you are at a point when you can pack the spices with your own label name and then market them. You can even give small pack sizes to retail shopkeepers.

crushed red chilli product marketing

We specialise in developing integrated marketing,  Product marketing, Door To Door Marketing strategies that help you grow your customer base and get the most from your marketing spend.

Working with our team
Fulcrum Marketing brings a collaborative approach to the development of effective, implementable and sustainable marketing solutions. We deliver the right balance of expertise and real world experience across marketing & brand strategy.

Define Goals
We need to understand your business and the desired outcomes of our engagement with you. At a granular level we try to define the results you want, understand past efforts and develop a strategy to take your business to the Fulcrum.

Start Small
We start our relationships with an initial engagement period of three months. We’re confident in our ability to deliver meaningful results for your business and we want you to be convinced before we embark on this journey together.

Set Expectations
We deliver outcomes – not billable hours. What internal resources will support the engagement? Is this a good fit for both parties? We define what success looks like through every step of the engagement.

Deliver Results
We deliver successful business outcomes and quantifiable added value.


Door To Door Marketing Strategy

Whether we’re developing your new market position, setting up your new sales channels or thinking through your new consumer experience, we partner with you to generate the insights, infrastructure and plans of attack that move you forward.

crushed red chilli product Marketing Management

We embrace an adaptive methodology that connects your brand with your customers in meaningful ways. We blend strategy, science, creativity, technology and analysis to deliver higher than expected marketing ROI across a wide range of channels.

Brand Development

We develop a comprehensive understanding of the key engagement drivers in your competitive space, identify opportunities to differentiate your brand and create the brand language and visuals that deliver your brand experience.

Fulcrum is  RWA Marketing, marketing and shop To shop sales agency in , with offices in mumbai and the pune since 2011. We help businesses create the best experience of their leading and emerging technologies for customers working in healthcare, life sciences, governance, social enterprise and beyond.

What we do
We are on the ground specialists covering Sales, RWA Marketing, Product marketing, shop To shop sales brand activations, brand experiential marketing, marketing intelligence, promotional items , gifting, clothing, soft branding, event and hospitality management

Common Personal Selling Techniques We Use

Common personal selling tools and techniques include the following:

  • Sales presentations: in-person or virtual presentations to inform prospective customers about a product, service, or organization
  • Conversations: relationship-building dialogue with prospective buyers for the purposes of influencing or making sales
  • Demonstrations: demonstrating how a product or service works and the benefits it offers, highlighting advantageous features and how the offering solves problems the customer encounters
  • Addressing objections: identifying and addressing the concerns of prospective customers, to remove any perceived obstacles to making a purchase
  • Field selling: sales calls by a sales representative to connect with target customers in person or via phone
  • Retail selling: in-store assistance from a sales clerk to help customers find, select, and purchase products that meet their needs
  • Door-to-door selling: offering products for sale by going door-to-door in a neighborhood
  • Consultative selling: consultation with a prospective customer, where a sales representative (or consultant) learns about the problems the customer wants to solve and recommends solutions to the customer’s particular problem
  • Reference selling: using satisfied customers and their positive experiences to convince target customers to purchase a product or service

Personal selling minimizes wasted effort, promotes sales, and boosts word-of-mouth marketing. Also, personal selling measures marketing return on investment (ROI) better than most tools, and it can give insight into customers’ habits and their responses to a particular marketing campaign or product offer.

Fmcg Product marketing companies in pune


WE ARE RETAIL MARKETING and crushed red chilli product marketing 

Retail Marketing is Pune based company that has distinguished itself as a dynamic below the line Marketing Company. We strive to grow brands while influencing customer behaviour to meet market share growth.

We have a national footprint for effective and seamless execution of any campaign, covering formal and informal markets.

Our business philosophy is benchmarked on offering world class service and strives to build partnerships with sustainable return on investment.

Product marketing and Sales Staff and crushed red chilli product marketing 

Have you used sales staff? If not, wouldn’t it be wonderful to boost your sales without increasing costs associated with full or part-time employees?

With Fulcrum’ scaleable team of temporary Product marketing, sales staff, it’s possible to increase your manpower – and your sales – during busy consumer driven periods and for special events. Fulcrum specializes in recruiting and maintaining a roster of Temporary Sales Staff, also known as “Temporary Sales Staff”.

We coined this term from our temporary sales staffing services when we founded Fulcrum in 2007. We wanted those on our roster to innately understand their influence on consumer’s purchasing power and our client’s bottom line. Whether our Temporary Product marketing, Sales Staff are hosting an event, sampling a product or collecting field research, ultimately, their interaction with a consumer will impact your sales.

Our team of temporary sales staff are armed with product knowledge and trained to use the “Power of Presence” to influence consumer’s willingness to purchase as well as their long term impression of the brand.

Door To Door Marketing

: Nothing beats the reality that one gets when you can interact with potential clients face to face physically moving from door to door within a community or household to household, face to face field marketing is also called personal selling or door to door marketing, customers are met directly in order to sell their products, using this method of field marketing we rely on our skills and persuasive abilities. During the period where we get to interact with the client face to face we get more chance to pass across edible information which would be useful to all our customers at that time and it’s also an opportunity for us to get feedback and to gauge your opinion about our business.

Door To Door Marketing agency in

Direct Marketing:

We know how to maximise direct marketing to set you apart from the competition and get fantastic results.

Whether your customers choose to be communicated with via direct door or direct mail, we can help with everything from planning and design to production and delivery ensuring your direct marketing campaigns are delivered on time to the highest quality.Using our data driven marketing expertise, we can help you leverage what you already know about your customers, to strengthen and grow those relationships and begin new ones. Technology in this space is constantly evolving, making direct marketing an exciting platform to achieve higher response rates, more revenue and an increased level of two-way customer engagement.


Much like product demonstrations these campaigns have brand reps or ambassadors at the center of them. The difference is it’s more about the selling of the product. Sales rep might have targets to adhere to. Finally these campaigns are super effective during peak times when the difference in a sale or not can be having a knowledgeable brand rep in store.

fmcg product marketing companies in pune

Door to door sales 

: Door-to-door sales is a low cost distribution channel, and is an effective way to gain more return on investment. It secures increased value with minimum spend, allowing access to a customer base which is not always reached by existing marketing strategies. Through Door to Door sales, customers can choose the most suitable deals, especially because they have a chance to ask questions and have the offering clarified by our qualified sales experts.

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crushed red chilli Sales promotion

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