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How to find distributors

How to find distributors in India?

Are you a new businessman?
Do you want to take your product to every corner of the country?
Do you know how to find distributors in India?

No matter how big your business is, it is an uphill task to open your stores in every corner of the country.

A good distribution network can help your business grow rapidly and extend reach across the length and breadth of the country.

Before understanding how to find distributors in India to scale up your business, let’s first understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of the distribution network.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is securing distribution in retailers across the country. Although this can be difficult for brands to tackle on their own, a wholesale distributor can handle it with ease, which is why so many businesses end up working with distributors. But with so many distributors out there, how can you find the best one for your product? Follow these tips

There are numerous industries and businesses which work on channel sales and marketing. In channel sales, instead of employing many executives, the company passes on margins to their distributors and retailers who in turn sell the companies products. In return, the distributors and retailers get margins on the product sold. To manage these distributors and retailers, there are company executives and managers appointed.

As compared to corporate sale, channel sales has its own challenges. The main challenge in channel sales is that, instead of finding new customers, you have to deal with the same dealers day in and day out. Thus there are some basic tips which can be applied in channel sales to get the best out of your distribution channel.

A set distribution network does a lot to take your company to new heights. A strong Distribution network works almost like automation, wherein you manufacture the product, and if the distribution is strong, the product reaches the end customers very fast. Setting up a distribution network involves meeting dealers and distributors and signing up a deal with them. But how do you design a high performing distribution network?

1) Keep track of channel dealers:
2) Inventory management and tracking:
3) Focus on local markets:
4) Focus on segmentation (example geographic):
5) Marketing expansion or Product expansion:
6) Switch channel members when needed:
7) Keep a tab on market changes:

To explore new trade opportunities for companies looking for distributors or distributors in search of reliable companies, we have created this common platform for them where they can share their requirement and enter into profitable ventures. Herein, a list has been generated of prominent distributors and companies dealing in comprehensive business domains such as Automobile, Machinery, Brass Hardware & Components, Chemicals, Consumer Electronics, and others. This list will help you get quick access to the relevant information and discover new opportunities.

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