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Seller Acquisition - Marketplace or B2B and B2C eCommerce Platform

How to Attract Sellers on Your Virtual Multi Vendor Marketplace

Fulcrum is here when you are ready to expand your business or realign company resources. Whether buying or selling, we can help you successfully navigate through the acquisition process. Our team has more than one billion hours of managed fieldwork and on ground work experience and more than 10 years of experience working with  across industries. In short, we know a lot of on ground work people, which is an invaluable resource in any industry. Looking to buy or sell? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll connect you with the acquisition partners that make sense for your business.

Field Sales Teams

Seller acquisition through field sales teams is the most effective and cost efficient way to build up sellers on an e-commerce platform. The client wanted to drive seller acquisition for its e-commerce portal through Fieldwork and the scope of work included:

  • Planning of target cities, markets and categories
  • Representatives should be based in the territory
  • Field teams hiring, training and operations management
  • Develop a field deployment plan
  • Local languages spoken team
  • Seller Acquisition Agent Support, Freelance support
  • End-to-end seller onboarding and reporting to client
  • Daily Acquisition report and Target Planing
  • Follow-up

Seller Training And Support Service

  • Registration and KYC
  • Provide training and awareness of products and services
  • Motivating merchants
  • Cataloging – Products Upload
  • Account Management Training

Lead Generation, Successful Onboarding, incubation and growth of these Sellers on Client Marketplace.

Work Experience

# Marketplaces OR E-commerce

# On-demand Service Platforms

# Utility Platforms

# Payment and Fintech Apps

# Online Business Directory

# Education And Learning Platform

# Content Distribution Platforms

We will also help the leadership team build business plans, deliver industry insights and best practices, and identify new opportunities to improve the customer base and business.

Ownership of day-to-day operations to ensure all deliverables are met in time and the onboarding team are never short of high quality leads
We will be responsible for lead generation, successful onboarding, incubation and growth of these sellers on Client Marketplace or eCommerce Platform

Merchant Acquisition 

Retailer Acquisition

Seller  Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

    • Focus on acquiring high value sellers to join and start selling on portal
    • Responsible for managing relationship with sellers after acquisition including supporting the onboarding and incubation process for these sellers.
    • Provide market insights from seller’s’ perspective, including understanding products, sellers, market & competitor dynamics

The project successfully met its objectives and the key highlights were as follows:

  • New sellers were on-boarded for different categories across 20+ cities
  • There was no compromise on seller quality and quality of sellers increased as desired by client
  • Detailed training and effective management of the filed teams ensured high productivityApproach

    The key activities in project execution were as follows:


The key activities in project execution were as follows:

Project team hiring and onboarding – We hired project team members who were from e-commerce background and had significant experience in e-commerce merchant acquisition and onboarding

Detailed training program and development of objection handling documents – We conducted a detailed training and induction program for each sales team member and each of them was given a FAQ document for ready reference and fast sales closures

Elevation of top performers – The top performing sales persons were elevated to Team Leader position resulting in higher motivation, better people management and more closures

Setting up your Seller Acquisition

  • Prepare your seller acquisition goals
  • Define your target sellers
  • Find the sellers that match your needs
  • Reach out ( Offer ) and bring them in
  • Track your key success metrics


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