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Our Approach

Our Social Media Approach

Social Media as a Business Tool

While social media started out as a consumer communication method, today’s leaders know that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are fantastic mediums for building dedicated communities, drawing traffic to websites, and driving revenue through conversions.

ExcelForce has developed a full suite of social media services that help brands in London and around the world take full advantage of these opportunities.

Our unique social media approach draws on over a decade of experience to design, execute, and manage effective social media strategies on behalf of our clients.

Research & Design

We don’t believe in being everywhere at once. There are over 1000 social media platforms online, and the top five alone are too much for one brand to handle effectively. We help our clients perform internal and external research to develop a clear understanding of their brand, their message, and their audience. We use this information to help them focus on the right platforms based on their unique situation.

Our design team understands that social media is a unique medium for communication and content consumption. That’s why we help brands optimise their content and develop new content to meet the specific challenges that social media presents. mobile optimisation, a focus on speed, and an appropriate tone all come into play when designing content for social media.

Community Management

Social media takes community building, engagement, and management to a much higher level than traditional marketing methods. Successful brands have built communities filled with hundreds of thousands of followers. We work with clients to build communities over time through strategic communication and effective use of content. We monitor social media around the clock, and quickly respond to negative posts to alleviate concerns and create positive experiences.


We realise that many brands prefer to manage their social media efforts with an internal team of employees. We’ve developed a comprehensive consultancy program to help teams develop effective social media strategies, build and manage communities, and measure performance over time. Our training and workshops have helped brands around the world to develop their own social media teams.

If you’re ready to take full advantage of social media, consider choosing ExcelForce as your partner. Whether we’re acting on your behalf or aiding your internal team, we can help you drive positive results that have an impact on your bottom line.

Measurement & Reporting

Many marketing agencies rely on what we call “vanity metrics” to quantify social media success. With more than a decade of social media experience, we’ve learned which metrics impact your bottom line and which just look good on paper. We monitor key metrics on a daily basis, and use the information we gather to constantly improve social media strategies on behalf of our clients. If we’re managing your social media presence, you’ll receive a monthly report that shows data in a way that draws a direct line between your social activity and your revenue growth. Our focus on relevance and ROI helps you know you’re using your budget appropriately.

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