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Reporting & KPIs

Social Media Reporting & KPIs

You can’t run a business without understanding the impact that your budget is having on your bottom line. At ExcelForce we focus on metrics that matter. Metrics that matter are measurable KPIs, which help you understand how your investment in a platform, campaign, or strategy affects your revenue growth. If a metric doesn’t help you understand your ROI we won’t waste your time with it.

When it comes to social media, measurement can be especially difficult. On your website, traffic, bounce rates, and conversions all help you understand how your copy and content is performing. You don’t have that luxury with social media. You also have to account for the fact that social media efforts are often targeted at multiple goals, some of which are long term or difficult to quantify.

When you partner with ExcelForce through our managed social media offering, we monitor the KPIs of your paid and earned social media efforts on a daily basis. We take every opportunity to optimise your efforts, and deliver a monthly report to you detailing the ROI of what we’ve done on your behalf and what changes we’ve instituted to drive further growth.

Transparency is a core principle at ExcelForce, and we strive to support that commitment across all of our service offerings. That’s what’s made us a valuable partner to brands around the world, and what makes us a leading digital marketing agency today.

ROI for Paid Social Media

Leading social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have introduced official advertising products to help brands reach their users through paid placement. We help you navigate these proprietary systems and extract relevant data from them. If your strategy includes leveraging influencers to increase brand reach and engagement, you’ll need to effectively measure the performance of each partnership. Understanding the cost per impression, click through rate, and revenue impact of a paid social media campaign can help you further optimize your budget by spending more on successful campaigns and taking unsuccessful ones back to the design room for further improvement.

ROI for Earned Social Media

While making a profile and posting might be free, you devote significant resources to recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining your social media team, planning your social media strategy, and allocating productivity hours to your social media efforts. We’ve developed a comprehensive measurement suite that combines proprietary techniques with leading social media tools and platform data to help you measure the impact that your investment is having on your revenue growth.

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