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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

A thoroughly researched strategy is key to social media success and serves as the foundation for our managed social media packages and consultancy offering.

We use advanced diagnostic and analysis tools, paired with sound research strategies to develop a thorough understanding of your brand, message, and audience. This helps us develop a strategy that is unique to you and targeted to meet our specific needs. We use our research to choose the right platforms for your brand, develop a mix of paid and earned social media, establish a content strategy, and develop a community building framework that will build your brand’s presence over time.


As with any other section of your marketing strategy, it’s vital that you have clear goals to work toward. We help you develop specific social media goals based on your overall business objectives. These goals allow us to focus on the most relevant efforts and perform measurement in an appropriate manner.

Paid/Earned Mix

Every social media platform allows brands to make profiles and engage with users, and the major platforms have introduced advertising programs allowing brands to reach users through paid marketing. Our strategy includes a healthy mix of paid and earned social media along with specific tactics for each strategy.


Content marketing is a big part of today’s digital marketing landscape, and brands are rushing to promote their content on social media. Successful content strategies on social media address unique challenges represented by smaller screens, shorter attention spans, and crowded feeds. We work with clients to design new content and optimise existing content for success on social media.


Social media is about more than driving web traffic or signing up new customers. It’s about building brand authority, a dedicated community, and constant engagement. We help our clients build their communities through strategic communication and effective content promotion. We engage with users, partners, and influencers in a manner that aligns with overall brand messaging and positioning. We respond to negative posts with a deft touch that turns upset individuals into brand advocates.

Measurement & Reporting

The ExcelForce team doesn’t believe in the “set it and forget it” mind-set. Our managed social media services include daily monitoring of all platforms, content, and KPIs. We engage in constant optimisation on all fronts, and deliver monthly reports to clients. We focus on constant improvement of all campaigns and on tying results to revenue growth.

Social media isn’t just for consumers or ‘edgy brands’ anymore. The world’s largest companies are using social media to engage with the world and drive towards their objectives. ExcelForce  social media strategy services can help you grow your brand and customer base whether you’re a B2B or B2C organisation. By focusing on the right channels, the right tactics, and the right message, you can have a lasting impact on a global scale.

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