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Telemarketing Executive Job

Telemarketing Executive Job


Job Purpose: To make telephonic calls and schedule appointments on lead data generated from various sources with an aim to increase the sales of the branch and positively contribute to achieve sales targets. You shall be required to undertake the following roles and responsibilities as may be deemed necessary by the company or your senior managers

  • Create databases for calling prospective clients by searching relevant contact information on the internet.
  • Make sales calls to prospective customers identified by you or the sales team or management.
  • Create schedules for meetings, appointments and demonstrations with prospective customers
  • Prepare presentation material as needed for clients and prospects.
  • Give product demonstrations to clients either through remote sessions or by physically meeting them at their business address.
  • Visit prospective and existing customers at their place of business if so requested by the customer or the management or, in your opinion, would enhance the customer engagement and result in a sale.
  • Follow up with prospects for meetings, demonstrations and making a final sale.
  • Maintain and manage records of sales calls, prospects and the details of interaction with each prospect, including contact persons, phone numbers, emails etc.
  • Submit detailed weekly reports to senior management on the preceding week’s activities.
  • Provide a daily summary of tasks done and outcomes.
  • Coordinate with support and technical teams to ensure smooth onboarding of the client.

12. Ensure the monthly and Quarterly sales targets as set by the company are met. Skills:- English Proficiency and Telesales

Key Skills Required-

    1. Oral and written communication skills (Hindi & English)
    2. Teamwork and collaboration
    3. Professionalism and strong work ethic
    4. Critical thinking and problem solving
    5. Leadership skills.

Education: Minimum 12th

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