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Things You Just Can’t Miss with Experiential Marketing

#1 People

When consumers interact with a brand, they’re interfacing with real people. It doesn’t matter how great your product might appear or even taste, consumers won’t even remember if they have a bad experience with your brand ambassador. Their first impression was a horrible experience. Brand ambassadors have a very important role in the experiential mix.

#2 Production or Build Team

Aside from your team, your product team have one of the largest take aways from audiences. If something hasn’t been done right, it can be spotted from a distance. Incomplete shows that your brand cuts corners. When you build a high quality display, you can diminish the natural wear and tear that occurs from one event to the next.

#3 Data / Metrics

Brands are getting smarter with their marketing spend more and more each year. According to eMarketer, 57% of marketers say their top priority for this year is cross-channel measurement and attribution. If a program doesn’t show ROI, it and the marketers behind it will most likely get axes from the budget in the future. Before your events begin have at minimum one solid metric that can be used to measure success. Good benchmarks to measure include brand to consumer engagements, social impressions during and after, the numbers of users, and sales.

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