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Travel Marketing

In the early days of search engines, the travel industry was one of the first to see strong competition among competitors. Excel Force was in the midst of the intense battle for digital supremacy in the late 90s, and helped Cheapflights win with a strong marketing strategy and a first-page SEO effort.

Over 20 years later, the travel industry is more competitive than ever before. The industry has changed drastically as the internet has become more popular, and it’s now one of the most digitally centred verticals in the world. Travel brands are competing for a global audience against thousands of competitors, and nothing short of excellent strategy and constant innovation will do for those brands looking to succeed.

Today’s consumers are more critical and thorough with their travel research than ever before. In Britain, the average consumer spends more than 24 hours researching when they’re planning their next vacation. That’s a lot of time spent being exposed to brands that are marketing themselves effectively. Here are a few more statistics that demonstrate the importance of digital marketing for travel brands:

  • 80% of vacations are booked online.

  • Internet revenue has increased by 73% over the past five years for travel agencies.

  • More than 60% of leisure travellers use the internet to inspire their next destination.

Our industry client list is extensive, and includes brands such as, Completely Croatia,, and World Travel Guide. Our full suite of digital marketing services make us a partner for new brands or those who are looking to improve their digital strategy.

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