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    Recruitment Process

    Recruitment Process Create unforgettable events and promote your brand with Fulcrum’s Passionate and Talented promotional staff. As one of the pioneers in promotional staffing, Fulcrum has a unique understanding of what it takes to staff promotional marketing events and how to ensure each experience is meaningful and memorable. By constantly and consistently working to find… Read More »Recruitment Process

    Door To Door Marketing

    Door To Door Marketing Door to Door Marketing And Face to Face Marketing Nothing beats the reality that one gets when you can interact with potential clients face to face physically moving from door to door within a community or household to household, face to face field marketing is also called personal selling or door to door marketing, customers… Read More »Door To Door Marketing

    Field Marketing

    Field Marketing Fulcrum’s Marketing is Delivering the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT PRICE, through the RIGHT CHANNEL, to the RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME!” FIELD MARKETING Fulcrum provides top brands with nationwide & regional field marketing, on Ground Brand Activation, and field sales support to ensure sales objectives, research and engagement is achieved at targeted customer touch points. As the… Read More »Field Marketing

    Customer Acquisition

    Customer Acquisition Give Away Samples: “Free” is Everyone’s Favorite Word Fulcrum helps the marketers to Customer Acquisition strategies better and engage the users on their mobile devices based on their needs, preferences, and interactions. To segment the data, collect relevant information regarding the customers like gender, age, location, preferences and the like. These datasets can… Read More »Customer Acquisition

    Merchant Acquiring

    Merchant Acquiring Managing Field services for Merchant Acquiring Business Merchant Acquiring operations for Ecommerce website and payment gatewayMerchant Evaluation Onboarding and Documentationinitialization and deploymentManaging Day to Day Merchant Acquiring operations adhering to regulations/guidelines Promote and present to merchants, retailers and other entities in india to acquire new business partners.• Maintain merchants relationships to ensure continual… Read More »Merchant Acquiring

    Seller Acquisition – Marketplace or B2B and B2C eCommerce Platform

    Seller Acquisition – Marketplace or B2B and B2C eCommerce Platform How to Attract Sellers on Your Virtual Multi Vendor Marketplace Fulcrum is here when you are ready to expand your business or realign company resources. Whether buying or selling, we can help you successfully navigate through the acquisition process. Our team has more than one billion hours… Read More »Seller Acquisition – Marketplace or B2B and B2C eCommerce Platform

    Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile App MarketingHome / Mobile App Marketing Mobile app marketing is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. It is not just about building and publishing a great software in a leading app store or ad network. It is also about wise and strategic mobile app marketing solutions that include several fundamental… Read More »Mobile App Marketing

    Sales Staff

    Sales Staff Our team of skilful and detail-focussed sales and marketing professionals offer our Principal Suppliers and their brands dependable and sustainable long-term growth and profitability. From brand managers to area managers and knowledgeable in-store staff, we act as  of our clients’ brands, ensuring the very best representation. We do more than the average distributor; together… Read More »Sales Staff

    Door to Door Sales

    Door to Door Sales Professional Qualified Sales Experts present products and services, calling on companies using our proven door-to-door sales technique and door-to-door-sales agency in pune. We convert potential customers to sustainable clients in the shortest space of time( door to door sales ). Our professional teams interact with customers, educating them on our clients’ products/services, as well… Read More »Door to Door Sales

    Field Sales

    Field Sales We Help Brands Sell More With Field Sales Solutions We help brands sell more by developing, innovating and executing efficient tailor-made field sales solutions. We use a variety of models and tools to achieve your field marketing goals. Businesses use multiple channels to promote products and services to prospective customers. Not all businesses… Read More »Field Sales


    Sales Sales is not just attracting new customers – but getting your existing customers to buy more, too… Fulcrum was incorporated in 2007 in the Pune. We sell products and services to businesses of all sizes through various marketing channels and divisions.Sales are processed through multiple channels consisting of website sales lead, internet sites, direct… Read More »Sales

    Shopping Centre Marketing

    Shopping Centre Marketing The team at Fulcrum has delivering successful Shopping Centre Marketing Campaigns across a wide range of shopping centres and retail complexes. From major  retail locations to local community focused shopping centres; we have secured real, measurable results across the board. Our services and expertise range from full-service account management, budgeting and cash flow management for promotional funds, business and marketing… Read More »Shopping Centre Marketing

    Auto Show Staff

    Auto Show Staff Customized staffing solutions for automotive marketing campaigns. Fulcrum provides full-service staffing and management solutions for automotive marketing campaigns.  Whether you need staff for an auto show, a ride and drive event, or any other type of automotive event, Fulcrum has you covered. We provide professional, articulate, and confident automotive staff that will… Read More »Auto Show Staff

    Trade Show Staffing

    Trade Show Staffing Present your company in the best light with Fulcrum’s trade show staffing solutions. At a trade show, a company’s image and success are dependent on the people representing them on the trade show floor; after all, they are the ones who are responsible for attracting attendees to the exhibit area, introducing guests… Read More »Trade Show Staffing

    Corporate Event Staff

    Lead Generation Staff

    Convention Staffing

    Convention Staffing Create memorable experiences using Fulcrum’s trusted convention staffing solutions. Fulcrum can provide you with dedicated and professional individuals that will work hard to ensure that your company or convention makes a positive impression from the start. No matter what your convention staffing needs are, we are ready to help you successfully reach your… Read More »Convention Staffing

    Event Emcees and DJS

    Liven up your experiential marketing event with Fulcrum’s experienced event emcees and DJs. Event emcees and DJs are known for drawing in a crowd in a unique and interactive way.  From their enthusiasm and their ability to work a mic and wow the crowd, emcees and DJs can be an incredible addition for your experiential… Read More »Event Emcees and DJS

    Event Hosts and Presenters

    Event Hosts and Presenters Reach diverse communities directly using Fulcrum’s talented pool of bilingual speaker and multicultural staff for your multicultural marketing events. Fulcrum’s event hosts and presenters exude poise and professionalism and with their stage presence they can present your brand’s product or service in a compelling way by providing timed presentations to cover… Read More »Event Hosts and Presenters

    Event Marketing Staff

    Event Marketing Staff We work in partnership with our clients to find the best possible staff for event marketing campaigns. The mark of a good marketing event – one that will keep people talking – often lies in the people working the event. At Fulcrum, we have more than 10 years of experience connecting clients… Read More »Event Marketing Staff

    Experiential Marketing Staff

    Experiential Marketing Staff When it comes to experiential marketing, the people representing your brand, your event staff, is your most important asset. As experiential marketing staffing connoisseurs, we live and breathe events and understand that finding quality, personable, and outgoing staff is an integral part of creating memorable and meaningful experiences. Our passion and the… Read More »Experiential Marketing Staff

    Event Staffing

    Event Staffing Across the nation, we provide the highest caliber talent to ensure your marketing event is a success. Fulcrum promotional staff and event staffing will create the opportunity for your brand to be exposed to larger audiences in an interactive and effective way. We individually train and hire each of our employees to ensure that you receive passionate… Read More »Event Staffing

    Entertainment Marketing

    Human Banner

    Human Billboards have a strong and immediate impact.’ Human Billboards Want to target high traffic areas and hubs where other sort of media might not be available? Human Billboards  or  human banner have a strong and immediate impact and avoid conventional methods of getting your message out there. OVERVIEW Face-to-Face Engagement with target audience Energetic staff… Read More »Human Banner

    Street Team Marketing

    Street Team Marketing Street Team Marketing is the planning, staffing, training, outfitting, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to promote events, product releases, plus create consumer engagement and sharable experiences. street team marketing is typically deployed on public sidewalks around around transit stations, shopping districts, campuses, business districts and city events to distribute trial-size samples… Read More »Street Team Marketing

    Festival Marketing

    Festival Marketing Fulcrum event marketing teams will help your brand stand out in the crowd. Staffing experiential marketing events at festivals like GaneshFest, Navratri, Xmas, and others is our forte. With our talented database of more than 3000, people across the Mumbai and Pune, we pair companies with top-tier, memorable, and enthusiastic brand ambassadors and… Read More »Festival Marketing

    Campus Marketing

    Campus Marketing Head back-to-school and connect students and key influencers with your brand on college campuses across the country using Fulcrum’s event staffing services. Campus marketing events offer brands a great way to reach a niche demographic that they may have a hard time reaching through traditional forms of advertising.  For brands to stay relevant… Read More »Campus Marketing

    Mobile Marketing Tours

    Retail and in Store Marketing

    Pop up Events

    Guerrilla Marketing

    Product Demonstrators

    Product Demonstrators FULCRUM PRODUCT DEMONSTRATORS When potential customers are unsure whether to buy a product or service, a demonstration can have a major impact. Good product demonstrators are able to explain the benefits of a product, how to use it, and the impact it can have on your life- this makes the public more likely… Read More »Product Demonstrators

    Costume Characters and Mascots

    Promotional Models

    Promotional Models Fulcrum will help you find the right promotional models to express and reflect your brand image. Promotional models will draw attention to your live marketing event and help elevate your brand presence no matter where you are activating. Fulcrum’s promotional models are friendly, energetic, and excel at interacting with consumers while conveying targeted brand messaging. Since 2007, Fulcrum… Read More »Promotional Models

    Brand Ambassadors

    Brand Ambassadors Fulcrum delivers top-notch Brand Ambassadors to create lasting and rewarding Relationships with Consumers. Our brand ambassadors are highly professional, engaging, and trained in targeted brand messaging – vetted and hand-selected to become not only the face and voice of your brand, but also serve as an extension of your organization. They bring enthusiasm and positivity to every… Read More »Brand Ambassadors

    Event Promoter

    Event Promoter Event Promoters are a key component for any brand or company to increase brand  awareness and sales. Our Event Promoter  can appear at your events, trade shows, in store, on tours and even as promotional staff and street teams. At Fulcrum we believe the Event Promoter  should be able to appear and act like our clients’ own staff,… Read More »Event Promoter

    Recuritement Process

    Recuritement Process Fulcrum was founded in 2007 to fill the gap in the market that existed for well trained promotional staff and hosts for events. Many of our promotional staff have worked with us for several years. As we are well known in the industry, we receive a host of applications through our website every… Read More »Recuritement Process


    PROMOTIONAL STAFFING Create unforgettable events and promote your brand with Fulcrum’s Passionate and Talented promotional staff. As one of the pioneers in promotional staffing, Fulcrum has a unique understanding of what it takes to staff promotional marketing events and how to ensure each experience is meaningful and memorable. By constantly and consistently working to find… Read More »PROMOTIONAL STAFFING


    Events At Fulcrum, we truly value our clients and believe in open and honest communication, and top-notch customer service. We will take care of your event staffing and management needs, from start to finish, so you can focus on the bigger picture. We’re here to help you reach your event goals. OUR PEOPLE POWER YOUR… Read More »Events

    BTL Agency

    BTL Agency A Fresh Approach to a Traditional Marketing Channel, Develop Strategies and Design, Plan and Execute Engaging BTL Events. As BTl Agency and btl marketing has evolved into a strategic, data-driven art form, our capabilities have grown to support not only the creation of impactful direct marketing, but its manufacturing and delivery into the hands of millions of… Read More »BTL Agency

    Brand Strategy

    Brand Strategy Planning your brand strategy will involve the following: Need Help Building and Promoting your Brand? Let’s meet and IMMEDIATELY create a positive impact on your brand.By definition, brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects… Read More »Brand Strategy

    Free Sampling Activities

    Corporate Contact programs

    Corporate Contact programs Building a corporate image and Corporate Contact programs is similar to building a personal reputation. Corporations, like individuals, explicate and evolve an affirmative reputation among their customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, immediate neighbors and even government agencies. Corporate image and Corporate Contact programs is the insight created by a business or corporation for… Read More »Corporate Contact programs

    Mall Marketing

    Mall Marketing Mall marketing is an ideal way to generate brand awareness for our clients and to introduce new products/services to consumers. Customers are already prepared for spending at malls, and tend to allow for more time to learn about our clients’ offerings. Our vibrant promoters relay the vision of our clients and create positive… Read More »Mall Marketing

    Kiosk Activities

    Kiosk Activities A kiosk is a small, temporary, stand-alone booth used in high-traffic areas for marketing purposes. A kiosk is usually manned by one or two individuals, who help attract attention to the booth to get new customers. Retail kiosks are frequently located in shopping malls or on busy city streets with significant foot traffic.… Read More »Kiosk Activities

    Demonstration Activities

    Demonstration Activities Demonstration Activities In an increasingly competitive retail space, Demonstration Activities and in-store product sampling offer brands a unique opportunity to cut through the noise and engage with customers in a fun and engaging way that creates brand awareness, builds loyalty and drives sales.Fulcrum specialise in producing and implementing highly effective Demonstration Activities and  in-store sampling by creating a… Read More »Demonstration Activities


    Street Teams Generate buzz and capture new audiences with on-the-ground streets teams who are ready to deliver brand messages. Street team marketing is an interactive and effective way to build new relationships with target consumers. It encourages face-to-face engagement, builds brand awareness, and brings a brand or promotion directly to consumers where they work, live… Read More »STREET TEAMS

    BTL Activation Services

    BTL Activation Services We strategically employ our core strengths to build brand equity and identity, with help of our BTl Marketing and BTL Activation Services. We specialize in training and developing our Brand Ambassadors according to the needs and values of our clients. Our teams are equipped with sales techniques that create a pleasant, memorable, but most… Read More »BTL Activation Services

    Retail Branding

    Retail Branding Fulcrum Retail Branding Design Agency Fulcrum is a Retail Branding Agency specialising in Brand Strategy, Identity Development and Brand Activation. From our pune location we proudly partner with global businesses and ambitious startups who, like us, believe in the power of great branding. Timeless, strategic, inspired and engaging. We create simple yet agile… Read More »Retail Branding

    Stall Operations

    Door to Door Promotions

    Door to Door Promotions Door to Door marketing To the new comers door to door marketing may sound like hectic and less successful idea but we are in this business since last 10 years. We have proven results from our door to door/ face to face marketing campaign. Door to Door marketing means our sales… Read More »Door to Door Promotions

    Brand Promotion Services

    Brand Promotion Services Our Brand Promotion Services and Activations team demonstrate the key selling points of your product/service, engaging directly with the customer and making your brand the preferred choice We’ve all experienced the overwhelming effect of being confronted by different brands and products, of not knowing what to buy or try, of too much… Read More »Brand Promotion Services

    Product Sampling Team

    Product Sampling Staff Fulcrum are a highly recommended provider of product sampling staff. We specialise in the implementation of sampling campaigns using our in house sampling team and logistical know-how. We can sample your product throughout a range of Maharashtra wide locations including shopping centers, supermarkets, city centers, train stations and everywhere in between. Sampling is a great way to get… Read More »Product Sampling Team

    Food and Beverage Sampling

    Get your food and beverage products in front of your target consumers where they work FOOD AND BEVERAGE SAMPLING – One of the best ways to drive brand loyalty, launch a new product or generate product awareness for an existing brand is simple: get people to experience your product using their senses. For more than… Read More »Food and Beverage Sampling

    Products Sampling Events

    Looking for the Sampling Promoters to Distribute Your Products? Getting Your Products Noticed Tried by Consumers, and Turn Shoppers into Buyers Fulcrum has been creating and accomplishing outstanding Product sampling events that generates results. We benefit in creating, planning and executing agenda from conception to completion. It is important to us at Fulcrum to get your product into the… Read More »Products Sampling Events

    Product Sampling

    Product Sampling We Get People to Touch, See and Try You Immersive Experiences and Sampling Activations at Supermarkets, Shopping Center, Event, Public Place and out and Street Marketing Fulcrum implement local  Product Sampling Agency and demonstration Agency that get brands/products directly into people’s hands. We are skilled at delivering mass samples across multiple locations simultaneously. Our skill… Read More »Product Sampling

    Society Activation

    Society Activation Right Place to Engage Your Target Audience ! If you are searching for the best society activation agency, then you are in the right place. At Fulcrum Resources, we have with us some of the best BTL Activation Marketing ideas to help you reach your customers conveniently. With the advancement in technology now the customers have… Read More »Society Activation

    App Launches Promotion

    This is a relatively new App Launches Promotion, but with so many amazing and important Apps coming to market, Fulcrum has made a conscious effort to develop expertise in the launch and promotion of Apps for a whole new client base. Using our promotional staff has a huge positive effect on app downloads. Brand ambassadors… Read More »App Launches Promotion

    Trade Show Activation

    Trade Show Activation ideas, brand installations, and attendee activities to generate engagement Trade Show Activation is the creation and deployment of unique experiential marketing ideas to attract and engage event attendees. Whether it is a convention, fair, expo or trade show marketing is essential to create a brand presence, attract attendees, increase dwell time, provide… Read More »Trade Show Activation

    Leaflet Distribution

    Leaflet Distribution Door-to-door leaflet distribution has a wealth of advantages. Perhaps the most important factor is that it’s far more cost-effective, and indeed effective, than many traditional marketing routes. It’s a simple and affordable way to spread the word about your business, highlight a specific product or service, or even promote your values in your… Read More »Leaflet Distribution

    Product Launches

    Product Launches About Us and Product Launch Our aim is to be your outsourced Field Sales Partner of choice. We work in partnership with our clients to Product Launch and  activate sales and deliver retail excellence. We do this through empowering our Field Sales teams with clear objectives, sense of purpose and effective technology, and measure our success by evaluating the return on… Read More »Product Launches

    in-store promotion

    in-store promotion Currently companies are experiencing challenges in recruiting, managing and retaining in-store sales promoters and In-Store Promotion. Fulcrum offers a fully functional outsourcing solution that delivers guaranteed sales results. In turn this creates the opportunity for larger budget allocation to this area of business as well as a greater return on investment (ROI). Whether… Read More »in-store promotion


    Merchandising Merchandising is essential to ensure your products and brand get the exposure that they deserve. At Fulcrum, we have vast experience when it comes to merchandising and placing Free Standing Display Unitss, shippers and POS into retail environments including shops and supermarkets. Merchandising can be the difference between your products being noticed and purchased or being… Read More »Merchandising

    Shopper Marketing

    Shopper Marketing 3 Simple Rules to How We Approach Right Time, Right Place, Right Audience Shopper Marketing & POS We work with brands to leverage the retail environment. We have experience in developing concepts to ensure increased distribution, off shelf feature, increased rate of sale and enhanced consumer/Shopper Engagement and Shopper Marketing. We also understand… Read More »Shopper Marketing


    Promotions Want to find out how we can improve efficiencies on your brand communication activities and at a better cost? Fulcrum is a progressive & creative organization, specializing in Sales, Marketing, Brand Promotions, Training & Development and Brand Activation. The organization started up in Maharashtra in 2007. As a results-based company, we have provided our… Read More »Promotions

    Sales Promotion

    Sales Promotion We generate brand-building activation ideas that engage your consumers and lead to measurable results. Our sales promotion encompass a variety of short-term techniques designed to attract your consumers to respond to your brand in a positive way. The most effective sales promotion is directly associated with product purchasing. This sales promotion is intended… Read More »Sales Promotion

    Business Categories

    Industrial Plants & Machinery Machines & EquipmentsTextile & Garment MachinesControl EquipmentsVIEW ALL Industrial Supplies Pipe Fittings & FlangesFilters & AccessoriesPlastic, PVC & PP ProductsVIEW ALL Building & Construction Hardware FittingsBuilders & DevelopersDoor & Window Hardware Apparel & Garments Thread & Sewing SuppliesLadies Dress & ApparelWork & Safety ClothingVIEW ALL Food & Beverages Fruits & VegetablesBakery… Read More »Business Categories

    Staffing Companies in Pune

    Outsourcing to the staffing services companies in Pune can help you add valuable human resources to your business enterprise. There is fierce competition in the market amongst companies to recruit the most talented and skilled candidates. Although there is no shortage of labor globally, the pool of qualified candidates is limited. The staffing agencies in… Read More »Staffing Companies in Pune

    staffing solutions

    We provide a complete range of staffing solutions designed to address every need from recruitment through to contingent workforce management and consultancy.  Fulcrum tailored business services reflect the experience, expertise and excellence achieved in meeting our core competencies, covering contract and direct hire recruitment. Find out more about our full service offering and get in… Read More »staffing solutions


    Our unique proven sourcing model helps in screening & presenting highly talented candidates to your hiring needs. Our candidate networks & trust on our brand helps in garnering ideal candidates to work for you. We are heading for a revolution in the managed staffing & recruitment industry. Today no one has patience to wait for… Read More »Staffing1

    Talent acquisition

    FMCG and Agricultural industries are niche areas that require specialist expertise and knowledge when recruiting.   We have an excellent network of clients and candidates that continues to grow. We rarely advertise because we believe the best candidates are found through headhunting, referrals, and recommendations. We are passionate about the service we provide and as… Read More »Talent acquisition

    Talent Mapping

    Choose a Talent Mapping Service when you wish to acquire a deep understanding of candidate resource availability across several demographics, such as competitors, geographic, industry sector/phase, job role, seniority or other diversity measures. Benefits of the Fulcrum mapping service include: • A strategy and recommendations for locating the best candidates. The service may form part… Read More »Talent Mapping

    Temporary Employment and Temporary Staffing

    Temporary Employment and Temporary Staffing WE PRIDE OURSELVES in our consistent success,  rendering expert outsourced staffing solutions to industry within the following India sectors  Temporary Staffing   We equip as well as manage contract staff- , temporary- and permanent key personnel for local and even global clients. We specialise in the sourcing and therefore management of… Read More »Temporary Employment and Temporary Staffing

    Temporary/Contingent Recruitment

    Choose a contingent workforce as part of your total talent management strategy to give you better flexibility, choice, quality, availability, and cost efficiency in managing your labor needs. We work with businesses which have varying recruitment challenges, from a short-term temporary/contingent need for a few personnel through to a project staffing requirement for a multi-skilled… Read More »Temporary/Contingent Recruitment

    Why Companies Use Contract Staffing

    As the current job scenario continues to be ambitious and the job seekers showing more diversity in skills and talents, companies need to be flexible in reshaping their hiring patterns. With the change, managers also need to hire strategically to keep their businesses moving efficiently. Ancient hiring practices will affect the favourable outcomes of the… Read More »Why Companies Use Contract Staffing

    Why Employers Choose us as their

    Why Employers Choose us as their Go To RECRUITMENT AGENCY We understand your needs go beyond the simple fulfillment of a skills requirement. That’s why we approach every vacancy as a truly consultative resourcing partner, providing the professional advice and resource planning to ensure your recruitment process marks the beginning of a successful business relationship.… Read More »Why Employers Choose us as their


    Using a recruitment agency can have many benefits. It will improve the quality of candidates in your recruitment process and make life easier for you. The basic purpose of a recruitment agency is to help job seekers find new roles while helping companies find their perfect person for their open positions. These are 5 advantages of using… Read More »WHY USE A RECRUITMENT AGENCY IN 2021

    Workforce Solutions

    Choose a Fulcrum workforce solution for your contingent contractor resource needs. There are many benefits, including improved cost & recruitment efficiencies, compliance and faster contractor mobilisations. A Fulcrum workforce solution tailored to your needs greatly reduces your business labour risk. Fulcrum specialises in supporting clients with their projects and facilities, often located in remote locations,… Read More »Workforce Solutions

    Our services

    Our services Fulcrum works around the world finding and connecting the best talent with businesses and organisations that: design, build, operate, maintain or support the production of goods and services for a variety of industry sectors covering; oil, gas, chemicals, infrastructure, life sciences, manufacturing, mining, power, renewable energy and public sector. Our services and capability… Read More »Our services

    Our Vision

    Transforming lives through the world of work Our Values Our core values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what our company values. They are the essence of our company identity and embedded in everything we do. Growth In life and business, one must grow to flourish and achieve high ambitions. Growth requires change,… Read More »Our Vision


    OUTSOURCED STAFFING SOLUTIONS IN India Every company is different and will face a unique set of challenges in the pursuit to grow in the modern world. Although securing consistent business opportunities presents difficult obstacles, this is undoubtedly the most essential part of the journey if you are looking to survive and thrive in the future.… Read More »OUTSOURCED STAFFING SOLUTIONS IN India


    Outsourcing your payroll to Fulcrum can take a lot off your shoulders and free up your time to allow you to focus on your core business thus contributing to maximum productivity. Market trends show that businesses who outsource their payroll find it highly cost effective due to, among other things, the ever changing legislative requirements.… Read More »PAYROLL OUTSOURCING


    Our payroll administration services affords you simplicity of use, dependability and flexibility. Regardless of whether your company is a SME or even a multinational enterprise, we meet the needs of your unique organization as well as legislative demands, assigning you our value added support. Administer and plan more effectively for payroll fees and various other costs. Our accounting services are performed by… Read More »PAYROLL OUTSOURCING2

    Payroll Services

    Fulcrum designs and manages large and often complex payroll arrangements for both local and international needs.  We provide fully compliant (client and regulatory), accurate and timely solutions covering a single contractor working abroad, through to a diverse workforce of several hundred personnel of local and international origin. The Fulcrum payroll management service consists of: •… Read More »Payroll Services


    Since we are a Fulcrum recruitment agency, we offer candidates in all business specializations Staffing recruits from C-level Executives to entry level support staff in a variety of sectors and disciplines. We pride ourselves in being a broad spectrum boutique recruitment consultancy and our proven ability to find the right person for the right career.… Read More »PERMANENT AND TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES


    PERMANENT HIRE Fulcrum is a specialist in providing permanent recruitment solutions across numerous engineering and technical markets, including. Our team has over 10 years’ experience in headhunting and executive search methodologies, supplying contingency hires, orchestrating retained search activities, and is built from discipline-specific consultants who truly know their markets. Our established reputation is immersed within… Read More »PERMANENT HIRE


    PERMANENT RECRUITMENT Fulcrum offers recruitment services for permanent staffing in all disciplines and levels nationally and abroad.  We have a proven record of success. Our placements carry 90 day guarantees and are conducted in accordance with the APSO code of ethics. Services Needs analysis • Fulcrum consultants will obtain a comprehensive job specification, in order… Read More »PERMANENT RECRUITMENT


    Fulcrum RECRUITMENT #1 Pharmaceutical and Medical Recruitment Agency  Mumbaig India, Trusted Pharmaceutical and Medical employment and staffing solutions, Professional Pharmaceutical and Medical Recruitment Services, recruiting top Pharmaceutical and Medical staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Pharmaceutical and Medical Placements Agency. Hire Certified Pharmaceutical and Medical Staff and find Pharmaceutical and Medical Jobs… Read More »PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL RECRUITMENT AGENCY


    RECRUITERS FOR PROFESSIONALS  Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad & India Fulcrum Recruitment Agency , a proudly Indian Recruitment Agency, is a dynamic and leading generalist employment and staffing agency. Professional recruitment services placing top staff & personnel with companies in India and Internationally for over 10 years, recruiting and hiring staff in all employment sectors on… Read More »RECRUITING AND HIRING OF PROFESSIONALS

    Recruitment Agency in mumbai

    Recruitment Agency in mumbai Fulcrum Recruitment, a Recruitment Agency & one of the leading personnel & recruitment agencies in Pune India.  Trusted employment and staffing agencies, recruiting top staff & personnel for companies hiring throughout the employment spectrum. Permanent and contract placements agency. Professional & Reliable Recruitment Services. Hire certified Staff for entry level to… Read More »Recruitment Agency in mumbai

    Recruitment Campaigns

    Choose a recruitment campaign as an effective means to meet high volume or specific hiring needs for contingent or direct hire requirements across one or more roles. A Fulcrum managed campaign offers several benefits such as: • Finding the best candidate through talent mapping • Meeting budget expectations and timelines to hire • Meeting local… Read More »Recruitment Campaigns

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing Choose an RPO solution when you need additional expertise and/or resources to bring about improved: cost and recruitment efficiency, choice and quality of talent or meet a tight hiring deadline. RPO passes responsibility to TRS for some or all parts of your recruitment process. The result is a partnership where we support… Read More »Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Recruitment Professionals

    BUSINESS SERVICE Fulcrum Recruitment has enjoyed over four decades of exponential growth owing to the quality of our specialised staff. As the most proficient recruitment professionals in the country, we undertake to complete a thorough needs analysis with each client. By way of a firm understanding of the clients business model, corporate culture and specific… Read More »Recruitment Professionals


    With the largest database in Mumbai across multiple sectors, we help our clients identify top talent quickly and effectively each and every time we recruit.  Search & Selection When a database search isn’t powerful enough to identify that perfect candidate we proactively go out to the market to find them for you. That way our… Read More »Recruitment


    RETAIL RECRUITERS FOR RETAIL PROFESSIONALS #1 Retail Recruitment Agency  Mumbai India, Trusted Retail employment and staffing solutions, Professional Retail Recruitment Services, recruiting top Retail staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Retail Placements Agency. Hire Certified Retail Staff and find Retail Jobs near you. RETAIL RECRUITMENT AGENCY India Kontak Recruitment, a retailrecruitment agency… Read More »RETAIL RECRUITMENT AGENCY


    SALES AND MARKETING RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  SALES AND MARKETING RECRUITERS FOR SALES AND MARKETING PROFESSIONALS #1 Sales and Marketing Recruitment Agency  Mumbai India, Trusted Sales and Marketing employment and staffing solutions, Professional Sales and Marketing Recruitment Services, recruiting top Sales and Marketing staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Sales and Marketing… Read More »SALES AND MARKETING RECRUITMENT AGENCY

    sales representative recruitment agency

      Sales Enablement Speed up onboarding and improve productivity of every sales rep. ENGAGEMENT With Fulcrum, any sales organization now can: Empower and scale peer-to-peer coaching, mentoring, and motivation. Drive their entire sales force to take specific tangible offline actions that result in performance improvements Promote quick and easy communication, dissemination, and adoption of best… Read More »sales representative recruitment agency


    EXECUTIVE SEARCH, SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT & HEADHUNTING AGENCY Fulcrum Recruitment, an executive search, headhunting and specialist recruitment firmed established in 2009 in Mumbai, India. A proudly Indian outsourced recruiting service in headhunting and finding top candidates for companies in India & international . Our executive headhunters have a vast network of highly talented employees and proudly… Read More »SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT & HEADHUNTING AGENCY

    Direct Hire

    Direct Hire Choose a Fulcrum permanent/direct hire service when you need a reliable, highly ethical recruitment service that focuses on finding the choice and quality of candidates who will resonate with your business aims, values and culture. Our approach is to listen and fully understand how the role in question must fit in with your… Read More »Direct Hire

     Direct Selling Staffing Companies in Pune

     Direct Selling Staffing Companies in Pune Outsourcing to the Direct Selling staffing services companies in Pune can help you add valuable human resources to your business enterprise. The staffing agencies in Pune can ensure that you get the most qualified pool of candidates for the job vacancies in your company. They have a massive database… Read More » Direct Selling Staffing Companies in Pune


    EXECUTIVE SEARCH & HEADHUNTING RECRUITMENT AGENCY  EXECUTIVE SEARCH, SPECIALIST RECRUITERS & HEADHUNTERS FOR PROFESSIONALS  Mumbai | Pune | Navi Mumbai | India | Fulcrum Executive Search, a proudly Indian,  Specialist Recruitment  & Headhunting Agency is a dynamic and leading executive search employment and staffing organization. Sourcing and headhunting of highly qualified individuals and great leaders.… Read More »EXECUTIVE SEARCH & HEADHUNTING


    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Employers I need a help with filling a position how do we go about it? Please Contact us via email ,send us your job spec with all the details and we will contact you to discuss further. What is Vetting? Vetting is the process of doing background checks on a candidate… Read More »FAQ


    GRADUATE RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  GRADUATE RECRUITERS FOR GRADUATES #1 Graduate Recruitment Agency  Mumbai India, Trusted Graduate employment and staffing solutions, Professional Graduate Recruitment Services, recruiting top Graduate staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Graduate Placements Agency. Hire Certified Graduate Staff and find Graduate Jobs near you. GRADUATE RECRUITMENT AGENCY India Fulcrum… Read More »GRADUATE RECRUITMENT AGENCY


    HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  HOSPITALITY RECRUITERS FOR HOSPITALITY PROFESSIONALS  Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad & India Fulcrum Recruitment Agency Mumbai, a proudly Indian Hospitality Recruitment Agency, is a dynamic and leading hospitality employment and staffing agency. Professional hospitality recruitment services connecting top staff with companies in India and Internationally for over 10 years, recruiting and… Read More »HOSPITALITY RECRUITMENT AGENCY 


    HR RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  HR RECRUITERS FOR HR PROFESSIONALS #1 HR Recruitment Agency Pune India, Trusted HR employment and staffing solutions, Professional HR Recruitment services, recruiting top HR staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract HR Placements Agency. Hire Certified HR staff and find HR jobs near you. HR RECRUITMENT AGENCY India… Read More »HR RECRUITMENT AGENCY 


    HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Considering the finance-related restraints and/or other limitations that may occur in having an in-house Human Resource Officer/Manager, SHR offers a solution to your company by acting as your outsource partner to all your human resource management needs. Payment options include a monthly retainer agreement based on the company’s needs or alternatively services can… Read More »HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT

    Human Resources

    Human Resources Create a more engaged, energized, and productive workplace Today’s workforce, and especially millennials, want to do meaningful work at companies with a strong culture. They seek honest, real-time feedback, collaboration and peer recognition. They like to be challenged, but require support and tools to help them grow professionally. Human Resources, you now can:… Read More »Human Resources

    In-house Recruitment

    In-house Recruitment Fulcrum Recruitment is offering additional services to add to their Executive Search and Recruitment portal. More and more companies are reviewing their recruitment costs and the quality of their internal processes and are opting for Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions. Our goal is to enable you to concentrate on your business objectives and growth while… Read More »In-house Recruitment


    INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Enjoy peace of mind by ensuring that you are compliant with employment legislation and best practices. This will result in reduced workplace conflict, improved performance and more time to concentrate on your strategic business goals. Fulcruml offers extensive experience in the field of employee relations. Our aim is to proactively assist our clients… Read More »INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS


    IT RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  IT AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS RECRUITMENT #1 IT Recruitment Agency  Mumbai India, Trusted IT employment and staffing solutions, Professional IT Recruitment Services, recruiting top IT staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract IT Placements Agency. Hire Certified IT Staff and find IT Jobs near you. IT RECRUITMENT AGENCY India Fulcrum… Read More »IT RECRUITMENT AGENCY


    IT RECRUITMENT IT Recruitment agency in Mumbai,  Yes we recruit some of the best people to the Information Technology sector. IT Recruitment Agency Information Technology(IT) is described as the development, maintenance and use of computers usually referred to in the context of business operations. The IT sector is the fastest growing sector in South Africa … Read More »IT RECRUITMENT

    job Recruitment Agency

    job Recruitment Agency We are a young and dynamic job Recruitment Agency in Mumbai. We first opened our doors in 2013 and have been servicing not only Mumbai but other major cities in India such as mumbai, Punerg and pimpri chinchwad. We specialize in Permanent placements and Recruitment for many sectors such as Sales, Logistics and Supply Chain, Finance,… Read More »job Recruitment Agency


    Welcome to LOCAL STAFFING SOLUTIONS, a leading MUMBAI based broad spectrum boutique staffing solutions provider. Within our recruitment division we pride ourselves in our ability to match the right person to the right career through a comprehensive range of in-house screening and assessments. We go the extra mile by offering an outsourced HR and IR… Read More »LOCAL STAFFING SOLUTIONS

    Managed Service Program

    Managed Service Program Choose an MSP to improve the efficiency of recruiting and performance management of the contingent workforce and support the supply chain. We take on the responsibility and accountability for your contingent workforce. We bring together our internal recruitment, payroll, compliance and agency management expertise, and run your contingent workforce requirements on your… Read More »Managed Service Program

    Managed Services

    Managed Services Delivering operation-focused capabilities to support your business processes Improve workspace productivity and performance with our integrated managed services. As workplace technology becomes more complex every year, organisations often face challenges keeping up with the business processes and the current IT demands. Due to this reason, enterprises opt for managed services that specialize in… Read More »Managed Services


    MANUFACTURING AND LOGISTICS RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  MANUFACTURING AND LOGISTICS RECRUITERS FOR MANUFACTURING AND LOGISTICS PROFESSIONALS #1 Manufacturing and Logistics Recruitment Agency  Mumbai India, Trusted Manufacturing and Logistics employment and staffing solutions, Professional Manufacturing and Logistics Recruitment Services, recruiting top Manufacturing and Logistics staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Manufacturing and Logistics… Read More »MANUFACTURING AND LOGISTICS RECRUITMENT AGENCY

    on-demand staffing solutions

    on-demand staffing solutions Hire on-demand labor fast. On Demand Staffing is a local staffing agency that helps employers and employees through the entire employee life cycle. On-demand staffing services allow a company access to workers that meet specific requirements whenever they are needed. The most important element in any on-demand staffing solution is the quality… Read More »on-demand staffing solutions

    Our Approach

    Our Approach You know your business best, and invariably you know what type of documents you need in your business. But you may not have the knowledge, experience, skill, time or inclination to compile your own agreements, or the ready funds or appetite to spend on the associated legal fees. We can assist you to… Read More »Our Approach

    Payroll & HR Consulting Services

    Payroll & HR Consulting Services HR and payroll services provider company in India Payroll consulting service provider company in India We understand that payroll processing requires specific knowledge and that it can be tedious . This is why our services help Indiai company or organizations of all sizes prepare, calculate and process their employee pay… Read More »Payroll & HR Consulting Services

    Payroll Outsourcing Services

    Payroll Outsourcing Services Focusing on the core aspects of business means that you can no longer dedicate most of your time to the non-core activities in your business such as payroll outsourcing, recruitment of human resources, tax filling and many others, so you need an expert team that can do all these things for you.… Read More »Payroll Outsourcing Services

    Payroll outsourcing

    Payroll outsourcing We understand that payroll processing requires specific knowledge and that it can be tedious . This is why our services help Bangladeshi company or organizations of all sizes prepare, calculate and process their employee pay cheques. Fits Your Needs : Payroll outsourcing means you can handover your payroll and meet your employee and… Read More »Payroll outsourcing

    Payroll Processing Service

    Payroll Processing Service If you are searching for a payroll outsourcing company that could provide you with a premium payroll solution that definitely addresses and meets your needs, then Avada perfectly fits the category. We make sure that we understand the needs of our clients before taking actions, so the results that we offer simply… Read More »Payroll Processing Service

    Recruiting and Staffing Agency

    Recruiting and Staffing Agency we provide corporate recruiting and staffing services with Finance & Accounting for permanent and temporary finance and accounting TAX and VAT. We will provide basic orientation and pre-departure briefing to the workers before their departure. The Employer may also join at the orientation session. The workers are briefed about their duties… Read More »Recruiting and Staffing Agency

    Recruitment & Selection Process1

    Recruitment & Selection Process Recruitment Process Outsourcing for local and foreign workers in Bangladesh. Planning To make the final selection we offer the following options for consideration by the client. 1. The entire selection procedure is left to us, where a team of professional / experts will take on the full responsibility of providing you… Read More »Recruitment & Selection Process1

    Recruitment Methodology

    Recruitment Methodology Skilled Unskilled Recruiting company to supply labours Recruitment Process Outsourcing Job Agency, Recruitment, Outsourcing Recruitment life cycle Methodology We will do sourcing from multiple avenues for Hiring & Recruitment either from all of the following or any of the following sources of hiring based on the 1. Head hunting 2. Printing & pasting… Read More »Recruitment Methodology

    Recruitment Selection Hiring Process

    Recruitment Selection Hiring Process Recruitment is a process of finding and attracting the potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in an organization. It sources the candidates with the abilities and attitude, which are required for achieving the objectives of an organization. Human Resource (HRM) Recruitment and Selection Before hiring an applicant for a… Read More »Recruitment Selection Hiring Process

    Recruitment Workflow

    Recruitment Workflow If you need a manpower employment agency that can offer quality manpower in Bangladesh, Recruitment Workflow Business Advisors are the service providers who are skilled experts and provide consulting services to offer hands on practical help, advice and support in specific business areas that will help make a difference to business success. Their… Read More »Recruitment Workflow


    HR 360° Leverage on our team of Experienced HR Consultants to build, engage and develop your talents. With diverse experience Business Partnership, Change management and Business development roles, MPBD offers a result driven approach to business problem solving relating to HR services in Bangladesh. reorder Corporate Staffing Fulcrum is a recruitment agency offering corporate staffing… Read More »Services

    Skilled Employment and HR Placement Services

    Skilled Employment and HR Placement Services We are expertise in skilled manpower recruitment, job placement consultancy,.domestic placement services, employment assistance and overseas placement consultancy services. Staffing Agencies & Hiring Solutions. We are an overseas Human Resource Consultation Company, providing end-to-end manpower outsourcing services and international manpower placement services. Familiarity with the recruitment process can also… Read More »Skilled Employment and HR Placement Services

    Ultimate Human Resource Solution

    Ultimate Human Resource Solution We deliver integrity, honesty and reliable services to you No oversell. No over-promise. Our philosophy is to set the expectation right – both on ourselves and our clients. Experts in the field of HR with years of experience, we provide multiple services that enable you to run your HR functions successfully. Our philosophy is… Read More »Ultimate Human Resource Solution

    About Us 4

    About Us Fulcrum has stood the test of time and places permanent staff for companies situated throughout South Africa and internationally, too.We are a multi- award winning company and our reputation is built upon solid relationships and an understanding of our clients’ staffing needs. We aim to provide a prompt, professional service and to create the best… Read More »About Us 4


    ACCOUNTING RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  ACCOUNTING RECRUITERS FOR ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS Fulcrum Recruitment, an Accounting Recruitment Agency & one of the leading Accounting personnel and recruitment agencies in   Mumbai India, Trusted Accounting employment and staffing agency, Professional Accounting Recruitment Services, recruiting top Accounting staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Accounting Placements Agency. Hire… Read More »ACCOUNTING RECRUITMENT AGENCY


    ADMIN RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  ADMIN RECRUITERS FOR ADMIN PROFESSIONALS #1 Admin Recruitment Agency  Pune India, Trusted Admin employment and staffing solutions, Professional Admin Recruitment Services, recruiting top Admin staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Admin Placements Agency. Hire Certified Admin Staff and find Admin Jobs near you. ADMIN RECRUITMENT AGENCY India… Read More »ADMIN RECRUITMENT AGENCY 

    Contract Staffing

    Contract Staffing Hassle-free and flexible staffing solutions that suit your requirements Embrace Flexibility With Our Excellent Contract Staffing Services Organisations are often on the lookout for seasoned and qualified professionals who bring agility, experience and meet the industry demands as per project needs without the hassle of long term commitments. At Fulcrum Consulting, we have… Read More »Contract Staffing

    Contract Staffing1

    Contract Staffing Hassle-free and flexible staffing solutions that suit your requirements Embrace Flexibility With Our Excellent Contract Staffing Services Organisations are often on the lookout for seasoned and qualified professionals who bring agility, experience and meet the industry demands as per project needs without the hassle of long term commitments. At Fulcrum Consulting, we have… Read More »Contract Staffing1


    CONTRACT STAFFING Fulcrum is a contract workforce specialist, providing contract recruitment solutions across the engineering spectrum, including Oil and Gas, Power and Renewables, and Life Sciences. Our team has over 10 years of experience in temporary hiring solutions and contractor workforce management and is built from discipline-specific consultants who truly know their markets. We work… Read More »CONTRACT STAFFING


    CONTRACT STAFFING Personnel offers all categories and levels of industrial staff and labour to clients on a contract basis,including sales team to Drivers, Artisans, Labourers, Warehousing Staff and Technical Management. We take care of all payroll, admin, HR and IR matters in strict accordance with current legislation allowing our clients to concentrate on their core… Read More »CONTRACT STAFFING3


    DIGITAL MARKETING RECRUITMENT AGENCY  RECRUITMENT AGENCY  DIGITAL MARKETING RECRUITERS FOR DIGITAL MARKETING PROFESSIONALS #1 Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency  Johannesburg India, Trusted Digital Marketing employment and staffing solutions, Professional Digital Marketing Recruitment Services, recruiting top Digital Marketing staff and personnel for companies hiring. Permanent and Contract Digital Marketing Placements Agency. Hire Certified Digital Marketing Staff and… Read More »DIGITAL MARKETING RECRUITMENT AGENCY

    HR Consulting Firm

    HR Consulting Firm Human Resources Consultants for Local and international companies HR Consulting Firm If you wish to recruit affordable manpower, it is important that you get in touch with recruitment services for the same. This is simply because you would not be equipped with sufficient knowledge or may not find the time to select… Read More »HR Consulting Firm

    HR Consulting

    HR Consulting Manpower Recruiting and HR Consultants Agency in India Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing Network is a provider of solutions in human resources focused on business results. Our member organizations represent a variety of industries and company sizes, so we customize our services to fit your specific needs, however big or small. Human… Read More »HR Consulting

    HR Management as Talent Acquisition Partner

    HR Management as Talent Acquisition Partner Executive Recruiting and HR Consultants for offshore contractual staffing Services Result Focused 360° HR Management We are fully equipped to meet the personnel requirements of multinationals, corporate clients, NGOs as well as industrial, construction and commercial business houses. With the cost of recruiting at the price, selective use of… Read More »HR Management as Talent Acquisition Partner

    HR Management Consulting

    HR Management Consulting HR MANAGEMENT CONSULTING One of our core areas of expertise is the provision of recruitment and management consultancy, and we have built up over more than three decades of experience in this highly competitive field. We provide quality and value by structuring high impact teams which consist of professionals with exceptional abilities… Read More »HR Management Consulting

    HR Outsourcing Services

    HR Outsourcing Services We are a recruitment agency offering staffing, manpower and human resource solutions and services in Bangladesh. Offshore, Onshore, Unsure? ManpowerBD is a company that is passionate in developing a bridge linking the right workforce to the right job with the Onshore and Offshore sectors, thereby saving employees and employers the hassle of… Read More »HR Outsourcing Services

    HR Recruitment & Payroll Services

    HR Recruitment & Payroll Services Stand Out with Custom Tailored HR Recruitment & Payroll Services Human resources (or HR) involves the management of all personnel in a business to ensure their well being. HR encompasses payroll, benefits, recruitment, employment contracts and disciplinary and grievance procedures as well as screening and training new and existing members… Read More »HR Recruitment & Payroll Services

    HR Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    HR Recruitment Process Outsourcing 360 Degree of Human Resource Outsourcing Services in India Human Resources Management (HRM) is a diverse field that is tasked with managing a company’s most important asset: its people. we provide the process management, personnel and IT expertise to deliver a full portfolio of services—including Workforce and Leave Administration, Talent Management… Read More »HR Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    HR Services and Employee Outsourcing Company

    HR Services and Employee Outsourcing Company • It is aimed at defining with accuracy and efficiency the hiring and recruiting terminologies. It goes a long way in helping the core activity of our business, that is, hiring the right candidate for the right job. • It also ensures the development of candidates’ potential, communication skills… Read More »HR Services and Employee Outsourcing Company

    HR Solutions – Contract Staffing

    HR Solutions – Contract Staffing With our all-inclusive HR service, you get access to better benefits, stress-free payroll and administrative relief. HR Solutions – Contract Staffing We offer a team of experienced HR Consultants committed to our client’s long term success by offering flexible and cost effective Human Resource and Administrative services.Our long and short-term… Read More »HR Solutions – Contract Staffing

    HR Training & Education

    Training & Education With our all-inclusive HR service, you get access to better benefits, stress-free payroll and administrative relief. Training & Education The experienced has treated us that the Employer can obtain much significant benefit in their deal if the labour force is given some Basic Training by Qualified Professionals before joining their respective job.… Read More »HR Training & Education

    HRMS Payroll Software

    HRMS Payroll Software A Human Resource Management and Payroll solutions through HRMS A Human Resource Management and Payroll solutions through HRMS Manage both accounting and payroll with a single sign-on from anywhere at any time and eliminate the password fatigue. By using an HRMS software, you can significantly reduce the manual workload required to carry… Read More »HRMS Payroll Software

    Human Resources Information and Management Systems

    Human Resources Information and Management Systems Fulcrum offers a cloud-based payroll and reporting system that removes payroll errors and automates processes. HRIS to manage your workforce better. With MPBD’s Workforce, have all your employee information at your fingertips. Also, have your employees update their own respective information on the Workforce platform.. • Remember that even… Read More »Human Resources Information and Management Systems

    Manpower Placement Services

    Manpower Placement Services We are a recruitment agency offering staffing, manpower and human resource solutions and services in India. Manpower placement Choose a placement consultant Manpower Placement Services For those who are in the search of a job, Ocean Sky India is the right destination. We render Placement Services across all sectors. Whether you are… Read More »Manpower Placement Services

    Manpower Services

    Manpower Services We are a recruitment agency offering staffing, manpower and human resource solutions and services in Bangladesh Manpower Services We are one of the prominent service providers, engaged in offering our clients effective Man Power services. To meet the exact specifications of clients, we arrange these services as per their needs and requirements. Experts… Read More »Manpower Services

    Manpower Supply Services

    Manpower Supply Services We are a leading consultant, engaged in offering Labor Supply & skilled and unskilled workers to our clients in the recruitment Manpower Supply Services We are a leading consultant, engaged in offering Labor Supply & skilled and unskilled workers to our clients in the recruitment. Our Labor Supply services always help in… Read More »Manpower Supply Services

    Offshore & Onshore Staffing Service

    Offshore & Onshore Staffing Service Offshore recruitment services – We work hard to find qualified, interested and available candidates. Offshore Staffing We help progressive recruitment companies improve customer loyalty and increase margins by providing highly skilled offshore recruitment services on demand to fill more orders at lower costs. As a successful staffing/recruitment company, you work hard to find… Read More »Offshore & Onshore Staffing Service

    Offshore HR Recruitment Services

    Offshore HR Recruitment Services Professional Services in offshore Staffing, Employment and jobs Placement, remote temporary or permanent employee recruiting and HR recruitment serving in Bangladesh. Offshore HR Recruitment The framework we use to enable our labor supply abroad service illustrates the company’s holistic view on how several components can influence each other. It is the… Read More »Offshore HR Recruitment Services

    Our Team

    Our Team Management Executive recruitment is the process of finding and hiring professionals to fill top-level positions in an organization. In such recruitments, the aim is to find and hire a professional ranging from Manager, Senior Managers to General Managers, Directors, Chief Executive Officers and similar high-level professionals most commonly termed as C-suite executives. Finding… Read More »Our Team

    Outsource Offshore Staffing

    Outsource Offshore Staffing Supplier Skilled And Unskilled Workers from India. Supply of skilled labour from India We are Govt.Approved Manpower supplier & Recruiting Agency from India.Supplying successfully Indiai workers of any categories to our reputed clients around the world. We are expert in supply & connection of skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, technical & professional categories of… Read More »Outsource Offshore Staffing

    Outsource Payroll

    Outsource Payroll 1 in 3 businesses handling payroll themselves will receive a penalty worth more than the cost of a payroll service’s annual service fee Why to outsource Payroll Services !!! We are committed to providing the highest level of payroll services available. We serve our clients with a comprehensive range of payroll and HR… Read More »Outsource Payroll

    Executive Search

    Executive Search We offer manpower staffing,offshore, manpower outsourcing, manpower recruitment and placement services. HR consulting service Our HR consulting service works in behalf of our clients. We provide efficient human resource services concentrating on searching for the appropriate candidates for our clients. We have the aptitude in providing swift and cost effective manpower recruitment. Our… Read More »Executive Search

    Contract Temporary Permanent Staffing in India

    Contract Temporary Permanent Staffing in India With a proven track record and a rigorous selection process, our candidates are experienced, highly skilled and appropriately qualified. HR Solutions – Contract and temporary staffing Fulcrum Staffing specializes in every aspect of Commercial, Industrial, Marine & Offshore Staffing. We offer a comprehensive suite of services from recruiting qualified workers… Read More »Contract Temporary Permanent Staffing in India

    Employment Value Proposition

    Employment Value Proposition We supply you with all your labour needs from your elementary to your professional levels that is, your skilled and unskilled labour. We provide • Assist organisations to understand employee and employment market preferences and perceptions • Identify Highest-Return Investments to reinforce the Employment Value Proposition • Identify Highest-Return Investments to reinforce… Read More »Employment Value Proposition

    Essential Strategic HR

    Essential Strategic HR HR and payroll : Mind the governance gap. Tax code changes, fallout from workplace harassment, the rise of artificial intelligence and other long-term trends will put the spotlight on workplace tech this year. Trends In Payroll That Will Change System integration is a key enabler for payroll processes. It is a necessity… Read More »Essential Strategic HR

    Executive Search

    Executive Search We offer manpower staffing,offshore, manpower outsourcing, manpower recruitment and placement services. HR consulting service Our HR consulting service works in behalf of our clients. We provide efficient human resource services concentrating on searching for the appropriate candidates for our clients. We have the aptitude in providing swift and cost effective manpower recruitment. Our… Read More »Executive Search

    Financial Payroll Management Solution

    Financial Payroll Management Solution Payroll processing involves accurate payroll calculations, disbursal, payslip generation, and managing payroll taxes and record keeping compliance. Cloud based Financial Payroll Management Solution in Bangladesh Through our strong technology infrastructure, unrivaled statutory compliance team and proven payroll operational model, ManpowerBD ensures a 100% error free payroll services, which guarantees speed of… Read More »Financial Payroll Management Solution


    Headhunting We offer candidate contingency and executive search, contract staffing, manpower outsourcing and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Job Description We initiate the recruitment process by zeroing in on the exact job description and the candidate description from the client, which includes a detailed briefing meeting with the client outlining the company’s background, culture, structure, market… Read More »Headhunting

    HR Administration

    HR Administration With our all-inclusive HR service, you get access to better benefits, stress-free payroll and administrative relief. HR Administration & Consulting Service While HR may not be core to your core business, it is uniquely core to ours. We develop a customised HR services for you based on the type of workforce you have… Read More »HR Administration

    HR Consultancy, Payroll & Recruitment Company

    HR Consultancy, Payroll & Recruitment Company HR recruitment We provide quality service in HR recruitment services, human resource services and industry consultants services. Our consultants bring with them not only their invaluable industry knowledge, but also their contacts, awareness of market trends, and sensitivity to current issues. payment Web-Based Payroll Our web-based payroll services offers Full… Read More »HR Consultancy, Payroll & Recruitment Company

    HR Consultancy

    HR Consultancy With our all-inclusive HR service, you get access to better benefits, stress-free payroll and administrative relief. HR processes We assist our clients to establish appropriate Vision-Values Framework and such is important for long term success of any organization The core values are the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles of an organization. The core… Read More »HR Consultancy

    HR Consulting and Recruitment

    HR Consulting and Recruitment Empower and Engage your Workforce to meet in weeks, and delivers end-to-end HR, payroll and offshore service. HR Consulting and Employee Recruitment Unlike other consulting firms that specialize on business registration, we extend our services towards boosting the performance of your staff. Micromanagement is quite a challenge, thus we have drafted… Read More »HR Consulting and Recruitment