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3 Fundamental Elements of an Event Marketing Experience

As a marketer today, communicating with consumers in a competitive environment can be a daunting task. That task doubles when you have a complex message to convey. That’s where an experiential marketing program can help tremendously. Here are the three foundational elements of event marketing that will help clearly communicate your message to your consumers.


Face-to-face marketing has a huge advantage over all over forms. It’s a no brainer. You actually get to physically interact with your consumers, and that opens the doors to stimulation. From kiosks with buttons, sounds and lights, to big, bold and beautiful sculptures, there are a million creative ways to bring your message to life and draw consumers in and engage their senses. The interaction will provide greater impact on the information they retain and potentially a more positive influence on the experience. The key here is to understand the unique audience and what will resonate best.


Create an environment conducive to your event marketing goals. This goes hand in hand with stimulation. You can engage consumers’ senses with anything you put in front of them, but if the environment doesn’t match the message you are trying to communicate, the experience will not be effective. The environment sets the scene and if what they see and hear feels inauthentic, you may not even get the opportunity to engage them. Your consumers should be encouraged to explore and feel comfortable in the environment. In addition to layout and signage, music is a subtle way to support the overall brand message and set the tone for the experience.


Put a face to your brand. Conversation is absolutely vital when communicating any complex message. Likely the second line of interaction with you consumer, it is imperative to employ the right team of people to represent your brand. Your time is so limited with consumers, coupled with shorten attention spans, ambassadors who are knowledgeable on your brand and can answer questions is essential. Additionally, watching an individual demonstrate a product builds trust particularly among more reserved consumers who prefer to follow someone’s lead.

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