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Brand Activation Agency in Mumbai

A Full-Service Advertising, Marketing and Brand Activation Agency in Mumbai.

we provide you with the attention your idea needs and deserves. We work with people, products and concepts that we believe in, no matter what the industry may be.

Managing your operations and catering to your customers demand your full attention, time and energy. If you want to grow your market share, you also need strategic marketing.

You don’t need the bandwidth or know-how to do it on your own. That’s where we come in. Marketing for small businesses is our passion, and we relish the opportunity to power up your bottom line. Our advertising agency is a team of creative experts with experience building brands and bringing them to life in amazing vehicle wraps, informative collateral, powerful Team , design and smart  marketing campaigns.

Fulcrum’s  experience in helping  Small Companies and  Mid-Size firms with their experiential programs and special events assures you have a partner that can provide superior staffing support for your unique event or tradeshow concept. Our ability to organize high-quality teams anywhere in the country and unmatched commitment to make sure your program runs successfully are central to how Fulcrum operates. We take great pride in being a nationwide event leader in event staffing services and helping client programs come to life on a local or national level.

Nationwide Presence

Fulcrum Talent provides outgoing, presentable, and hardworking brand ambassadors for events and promotions throughout the country. Whether your event takes place in New York City or Nampa, ID, Fulcrum will make your event a success. A constantly growing database consisting of tens of thousands of event marketers enables Fulcrum to provide you with a great team wherever you need it.

Fulcrum Speed

Fulcrum realizes the fast-paced event marketing industry requires flexibility and the capability to make last-minute changes. We are ready to help with your event whether your experiential program is taking place in weeks or just one day. Fulcrum’s customized event software enables Fulcrum to fulfill your event needs quickly and effectively.

Fulcrum Quality

Fulcrum understands that because each of your events is different, your individual program requirements are as well. Fulcrum listens to your needs and delivers the right kind of individual(s) to your event. Whether your needs include people who speak Spanish or individuals who work as Emcee, Fulcrum will customize your team to exceed your expectations. We also provide backups for events at our cost to ensure you always have a full team and everything runs smoothly. Fulcrum believes that investment in your program is imperative to a long-standing and high-quality working relationship.

Fulcrum Customer Service

Fulcrum is focused on making your experience with us great. Experienced, internal staff are excited and prepared to quickly arrange the right team for your event or experiential program. A 24/7 contact number guarantees you can get your questions answered and your needs fulfilled any time of the day. Fulcrum is always available to provide support in the way you need it.

Fulcrum Philosophy

Fulcrum’s simple focus on quickly providing superior event teams throughout the country and supporting changing client needs is at the core of how we operate. Your happiness is the gauge of our success and we do whatever is necessary to ensure all client events execute perfectly from speed, quality, and customer service standpoints. Give us a try. You will be impressed.

Marketing Services for Small Businesses


What we will actually do for your brand depends on your unique challenges and business goals. But we’re guessing it will be one or more (or all) of our capabilities, such as:

Street Teams

Street Teams are dedicated teams of Brand Ambassadors who interact with people at local festivals, concerts, parks, shopping areas, sports arenas, or train stations. Fulcrum can arrange Street Teams of any size for clients throughout the country so a brand can create personal connections with people anywhere. Whether the goal of a program is to create awareness, introduce a new product or service, or gather local consumer feedback, Fulcrum Street Teams can help accomplish that client goal.


Tradeshow Booth Hosts/Hostesses represent brands in tradeshow environments by welcoming visitors to company booths, communicating key message points, distributing company premiums, and making sure event visitors leave a positive experience with the brand. Fulcrum will work closely with clients to make sure the Tradeshow Booth Hosts/Hostesses have the appropriate experience, appearance, and skills (public speaking ability, multilingual speaking skills, etc.) to ensure tradeshow visitors leave with a positive experience of the brand.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketers are teams of dedicated Brand Ambassadors committed to “being on the street” and interacting with people in their local communities. Guerrilla Marketers often distribute samples or event materials, gather consumer feedback, create awareness, and make sure people have a positive experience with the featured brand. Fulcrum has arranged Guerilla Marketer teams for brands including Dove, LG, D-Mart, and nestle. Please contact us anytime to learn how Fulcrum can help with your Guerrilla Marketer program.

Product Demonstrators

Product Demonstrators are highly-trained event marketers who can effectively communicate with consumers about product features and benefits, answer complex questions, and work as an extension of brand’s sales or marketing team. Product Demonstrators typically participate in high-profile events like the Super Bowl, the Consumer Electronics Show, industry tradeshow events, visible product launch programs, and other exclusive events.

Greeters/Hosts welcome event visitors to high-profile events, distribute event gift bags or information, answer event or product-related questions, and make sure people have a great experience at the event. Greeters and Hosts play vital roles in the operations of larger-scale events in making sure guest experiences are always positive. Whether it is for a celebrity-chef tasting event, an annual sales conference, or a party held at a local business, Fulcrum can arrange Greeters and Hosts to help execute your event.


In-Store Demonstrators

In-Store Demonstrators communicate key message points, distribute free samples or event materials, assist with product sales, and make sure people have a great experience with a brand in a retail store setting. Often working independently, Fulcrum clients are able to see direct financial benefit by having Fulcrum In-Store Demonstrators work as an extension of their brand throughout the country.



Salespeople demonstrate product features, answer detailed product questions, create goodwill between customers and the brand, and generate sales at client events. Salespeople can work in exclusive tradeshow environments by assisting in the sales of sophisticated, expensive products or family-oriented events like a marathon-expo selling new athletic products to event visitors. Fulcrum is able to provide hardworking, outgoing, charismatic salespeople to help generate revenue during an event.

Event Staffing

Fulcrum’s nationwide event staffing capabilities enables superior event marketers to assist with tours that take place anywhere throughout the United States and Canada. As concert tours, mobile programs, or action sports tours travel to different markets, Fulcrum has the capacity to arrange local brand ambassador teams wherever they are needed.




Trad-show Promoter

Trad-show Promoter represent brands at car shows and special automotive events throughout the country by communicating key message points about the product, gathering consumer feedback, distributing product information, and making sure people have a great experience with the brand. Some tradshow events are exclusive, formal events or fundraisers and Fulcrum can arrange Automotive Ambassadors to work those settings or a family-oriented car show environment.

Costume Characters

Costume Characters create a tremendous visual effect or act as a central component at many events. Animated, enthusiastic brand marketers can become Costume Characters to enhance the experience event visitors have at a particular promotion. Fulcrum has provided costume characters for events including in-store programs with kids, special product-launch events, and during the Major League

Get Goal-Specific Strategies

Whether you want to boost sales, target a new audience, drive more qualified footfall to your store or introduce new services, you need high-quality sales, advertising and communication tools to achieve your goals.

your business growth by defining and managing the best mix of marketing tactics that are customized for your industry, your company and your target market. We will help you choose, create and use these tools in the most cost-effective way so that you exceed your potential on the internet, in print and beyond.

You have unique needs, and we have concrete solutions to increase sales, grow your bottom line and strengthen your image. Our team is focused on offering small businesses the best branding,  design and development, , print collateral design and social media management to accomplish your company’s goals.

Event Production

We are a Production House that offers you a one stop solution to your needs. We handle production of your event from start to finish while being true to your brand.

We design, fabricate custom backdrops, décor, signage’s that set your event apart from the others


Corporate Event Planning

We conceptualize and implement meetings & events of all sizes and calibers. Flexibility of an end-to-end service or individual services allows you to choose based on your needs

The latest AV and lighting for clear sound and vision. Having one of our technicians with you will give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on what you do best

Mall Activations

Mall activations create connections with the brand and consumer. We undertake all communication with the shopping malls to ensure that the activation runs smoothly

We know how to effectively use a venue or turn an award night into a celebration. This clubbed with our audio/video and lighting capabilities makes it easy for us to execute

The implementation of a solid communications campaign will reward your business with greater brand recognition, greater brand understanding and higher staff morale.

In an ever-changing and fast moving business world, communications plans must adapt to meet evolving requirements (e.g. technological advances, pervasive media …).

A consistent and cohesive message is vital in maintaining strong relationships and building upon business success stories. The solution is clear and strategic planning; coupled with a forward thinking approach.

Effective communications reach all stakeholder groups. Outlets will include the company website, target media, internal meetings, newsletters or memos, tradeshows and external events.

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