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Effective Social Media Selling

Effective Social Media Selling

What is the best way to sell online?

By not trying to impress your prospect through hype, flashiness, or sugar coating problems with your product or service. Instead you are informing them of their options and only looking for a mutually beneficial relationship.

What is sell-ucation?

It’s a way of selling through education and direct response. The objective is to create prospect education systems where customers can learn who you are, want you have, who it is for and how you can help them. Prospective clients are always looking to make an informed buying decision and the law of reciprocity compels them to buy from you. It will also to increase buyer confidence, reduce buyer remorse and inspire your prospective buyers to take immediate action.

How do you stand-out from the noise selling online?

Now a days, regardless of what you are selling, prospects are bombarded with “buy this now” messages and they are scratching their heads thinking, “Why?”. Why this and not that, yours and not hers? People are just tired of it. In this economy buyers want to be smart with where they invest their money so you;ve got to earn it by giving value.

What are some of the benefits of using sell-ucation?

If done well, you can generate sales easier, because there’s less buyer confusion. This process answers objections succinctly so sales come easier and refunds drop dramatically.

Are their any drawbacks from using this method of selling online?

This selling method takes time, so if you are the type of business person that just wants people to show up and buy this is not for you. (And that never really happens!)  You have got to put the time into creating the systems and they will always need tweaking based on the feedback from your prospective clients. It requires that you create content that will do the selling and educating. It also requires some real creativity which may be graphic design, an instruction designer or programmer.

What happens to small businesses that do not educate their online customers?

Businesses that don’t educate their buyers will continue to see a steady decline in sales as more and more of their competitors implement these simple systems and strategies. They will find it harder to bring in new customers and generate repeat business for years to come.

Can any small business use this selling method?

All kinds of businesses will benefit from taking the time to put education materials together. Professional service companies of all types lawyers, dentists, coaches, network marketers on and on. Retail businesses can benefit too ncluding jewelers, car washes, restaurants, etc.

What needs to be in place before you create your selling campaign?

You need to have a well organized sales process or sales funnel in place. Sell-ucation is the rejection free way to initiate relationships with prospective and current partners and clients, but there must be a “what next” element inside the rest of your sales funnel.

Can you automate this selling campaign?

You can and should use a combination of live one time events and prerecorded/written content to get the most out of your sales funnel. You should also create maximum value for your buyers and would-be buyers with that content. Parts of it, such as email delivery of content, will be automated or can be leveraged through outsourcing delegating and direct response marketing.

Some examples of sell-ucation in use today in mainstream media?

Don’t laugh but, Infomercials are set up to exactly do this. There’s a reason they all follow the exact same formula and they all sell like crazy! They grab the attention of their ideal audience quickly, state the problem, offer their solution, show proof with a demonstration and testimonials and then tell you how you can order!

What are the best mediums to attract your prospects and leads with this process?

You can use your website or blog and other social media as well. Use any medium you have at your disposal now and start educating while selling today!

How can this be implemented in your business immediately?

Start by brainstorming with your prospects about their hot button issues. Then create content that helps those who still have a qualified interest to “connect the dots” to your product/service as the solution.

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