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Dealer Marketing

Dealer marketing is of utmost importance for the success of any brand. For most brands, dealers, distributors and resellers are critical links to success. If you ignore them, they will return the favor. We understand that it’s important to arm them with the right tools, incentives, training and resources and to ensure your brand has strong share of mind. We’ve helped multiple brands develop dealer programs, Co-op advertising plans, created distributor marketing councils, trained store employees and motivated everyone from owners to counter personnel at customer meetings and on incentive trips.


Sometimes the best way to inform and inspire the channel is with face-to-face events such as Sales Meetings, Dealer Meetings, Regional Meetings and even Dealer Group Meetings. When this is the right solution, we can turnkey the event, from site selection and travel, to theme and creative, to staging and AV, to speech writing and presentation creation, to invites and follow-up surveys.


We’ve trained automotive enthusiasts how to drive cars, tire dealers how to sell tires and mechanics how to clean garages and driveways. It might be training on a new product, an important service or even how to better market their business— but whatever the challenge we can help. We have successfully trained dealers at events, at their facilities and even online.


Raise your hand if you don’t want to win money, trips and prizes. No dealer hands went up. Developing turnkey programs that inspire dealer mindshare and sales, all with the goal of delivering powerful ROI, is something we do.


People are more likely to support something they have helped create. Sometimes the biggest need is to merely engage your dealers and channel partner. We’ve conducted interactive workshops with dealers on branding, positioning, messaging, product development, marketing—well, on just about any topic you can imagine— all with the goal of gaining their buy-in and improving business.


It’s not the default tactic that it once was, but trade advertising still plays a role when a brand wants to make noise across its industry, impact industry opinion, or even recruit new distribution. At those times, we have a track record of putting together creatively driven integrated online/offline trade advertising campaigns across multiple industries.


Your channel partners need information— on your brand, your products, your programs and more. We can create it— from literature to digital tools to videos and more.


Dealers love it when you bring them leads. We can help create a program that identifies, entices, warms and then turns leads over for sales.


Not sure how to craft the best program to capture dealer mindset and drive sales? We can help you by researching and then developing a program designed to hit their hot buttons while increasing your sales.


Do you want your dealers to market, promote and advertise you products? We can help by developing a co-op advertising program designed specifically for your customers and industry, including everything from program guidelines to digitally available assets.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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